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4K Sony Xperia Z2 VS 1080P Canon 60D DSLR Camera Comparison

Here a look at the Xperia Z2’s camera Image quality comparison to a midrange Canon DSLR.

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  1. Ильницкий Александер

    у меня Sony Z2 , на камере слезло покрытие, снимки вечером ужасны (около 5 часов) уже после 7 снимать невозможно даже есть есть фонари….мыло и лица даже тяжело узнать, камера ужасная! ужасная! ужасная! берите лучше что-то более надежное HTC/NEXUS , и докупите себе SONY Alpha 58

  2. errr but the canon examples you showed were sharper than the Z2?

  3. Dino “MaiaBrainwave” Sabanovic

    Selling my Canon 650D tomorrow

  4. com que CÂMERA VOCÊ grava seus os vídeos

  5. In the video comparison @7:50 it's not only color saturation and sharpness better in Canon. The most important thing is that the movement of the moving objects (cars) is much more smoother in Canon than in the cell phone.

  6. I still don't know how to get info about the focal length and the aperture used when I take videos, I know the sensor size but it's 1/2.3 and I don't know what does it mean in millimeters, can help?

  7. 09:08 a cat doing what a cat does best

  8. go for z3. 

  9. Dude I love you (obviously no homo) Thanks for this comparison. So helping me make decision for z2. Been disillusioned by camcorders and DSLRs. Now wanna get z2. Also good to know good reason to get 4k ready TV for purposes like this video

  10. Marcos Roberto (Agência PSD)

    Vale lembrar que o trabalho do rapaz não é ofender nenhum publico… Achei muito interessante pois ele me esclareceu uma dúvida pois eu já uso a CANON e fiquei interessado em um Z3 pelo questão do vídeo 4K. Apesar de conhecermos os produtos sempre a dúvidas quanto ao real desempenho fotográfico e vídeo de cada um… Mas por melhor que seja uma câmera de celular acredito que ela não se compare a um DSLR. por favor não vamos misturar uma coisa com a outra, estamos falando de qualidade somente da câmera e não de todos os recursos que um aparelho oferece comparado com o outro.

  11. Thank You a lot Dude <3

  12. ‫غدار زمن‬‎

    Thank you very much Sir. Your Vdo is informative and you makes us easy. Pl. keep it up for more upgrading your new Vdo and information. And I greatly thanks to the MW Tech. teams for their effort to makes this real.

  13. And what about canon L lenses? :* 

  14. Sony Xperia Z2

  15. thanks. my new phone rockz!

  16. What about with Magic Lantern on the Canon?

  17. guys please tell me which should i buy Z2 or any other better camera smartphone or a dslr my purpose it to record a video song or some short movies!!

  18. Do i can download the raw 120 720p videos to choose where i want the slow motion applied on my editing software or i need to do it on the phone by force?

    How much does the 720p 120 videos use much space?

    How often thoes the Z2 exits the camera app when recording in 4K?

    Also, does this overheating happens when recording in slowmotion?

  19. Jose Miguel Castillo

    Esa lente de la canon 60 D es una sigma ART 18-35, con esa lente es muy dificil competir, hace mas una buena lente que una buena cámara.

  20. the Canon does not overheat after 2 minutes and switch off in the middle of your job. Xperia does. After 5 photos or 2 minutes, it always blocks the screen with a popup saying 'camera is overheating and will turn off (tap 'dont show this again, but it shows again every time)
    The "dont show this again" option does not work, and you cannot use the camera for more than 2 or 3 minutes without it switching itself off.
    Its a toy with more power than the Android Phone can handle. As to the spiderman app etc, after 2 minutes you will be bored and never use it again
    Apart from the Xperia camera, there is a horrible app called 'movie creator' which reinstalls and reactivates itself every time you deactivate it, and it makes 'auto movies' mixing about 4 or 5 of your latest photos and videos to make a movie you never asked for, and it keeps doing it so every time you look at your phone there is a new m,ovie there featiring, your plumbing video, your birth certificate, a family clip, mixed with the picture you made of your mistress from your private folder, all mixed up with a youtube video and a documentary you saved to camera roll. resulting in a movie that never makes sense, fills up your storage space, and no matter how many times you deactivate it in disgust, it just keeps coming back.. The sony xperia z2 is nothing for photographers.. its for people making selfies only. Unless you make videos of one topic and one topic only, you will keep puking over thes auto videos.. it tries to think for you.. it is a pile of rubbish. The 20mpx sensor is also useless due to its limitations. A very bad device. 

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