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Add Headphone monitoring to your Canon DSLR Camera – DSLR FILM NOOB

CHECK OUT THIS BLOG POST FIRST! This requires Magic lantern! Check the magic lantern site to make sure your camera is supported! Currently does not work with 7d!

Many of the direct recording audio solutions for Canon DSLR Cameras involve large boxes and other random Items in order to get the audio into your camera. But once the audio is being recorded by your camera how do you know if it is any good?

Well with the the help of a FiiO e5 headphone amplifier:

and a female RCA to 3.5mm adapter:

You can add audio monitoring functionality to your Canon DSLR Camera (when using a field monitor).

I have two people to credit in this video. The first one is Christian Sundsdal. He is the one I mentioned who hooked the rode VideoMic and FiiO e5 together. You can find out more about him here: http://vimeo.com/sundsdal

And the second is Youtube member Freyguyproductions. He sent in the question that got me started looking for this solution. You can find his blog here: http://Freyguyproductions.blogspot.com

NOTE: Remember this is for use with a field monitor. You need either an HDMI monitor or a little composite input monitor. See: http://www.dslrfilmnoob.com/2011/01/30/dirt-cheep-monitor-project/

The screen on the camera goes black as soon as you plug the usb-composite adapter into your camera. If you aren’t using a field monitor this probably isn’t the way to go.

Equipment Used in this video:
Canon t2i & 7d
Canon 35mm f1.4
Sigma 30mm f1.4
Fiio e5 headphone amp
Sennheiser G2 wireless mic
Video Rating: / 5

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  1. Can I use regular headphones with an adapter 1/4" stereo jack to 1/8"? And on a t3i?

  2. Do I need magic lantern for my 7D?

  3. works this to on a nikon d3200 ?

  4. Hey, nice video! Will it fit my Canon Eos 100D? Btw. nice video quality and audio. Keep up the good work!

  5. Gershon Dharmanandan

    how do i do this with the 650d/t4i? Also, can i see the screen? i have magic lantern

  6. This doesn't work. I have a Canon Rebel t3i (600D), Lilliput monitor, the amplifier, the Y- split cable, the AV cable that came with the camera. Everything is plugged in right. Headphones -> Amplifier -> Y Split cable -> av cords -> camera. The monitor works just fine plugged into camera. I have successfully downloaded Magic Lantern. I have an external mic that works fine. I go to turn "Headphone Monitoring ON" in the ML settings, and try to do a test beep, but an error comes up and says "600D does not support play and monitoring." I am beyond frustrated because of the time and money put forth to making this work, and it doesn't. What am I doing wrong?

  7. Do i need tu install ML to get this advantage?

  8. The only down side to this is having to charge the Fiio. Use to have the amp and it drained quite quick. Spliced a USB to female headphone jack instead

  9. Can you still monitor the sound with the little amp through the usb cable if a external mic is plugged into the mic port on the DSLR?

  10. Is there any reason you would not want to use the headphone output of the Lilliput monitor?  Is there some type of lag that would screw things up?  With the HDMI plugged from the 5D Mark II in to the Input HDMI of the Lilliput and Magic Lantern, you should be able to plug earphones in to the earphone monitor of the Lilliput and listen to the real-time audio correct?

  11. +onelonedork hey I installed ML, its works and i got all the gear you listed, but when i attached all the cable in, the preview screen goes blank. and there is no audio on my headphones. i got FiiO and that av cable. I'm using a 70D. how do i enable field monitor on my 70D?

  12. How can we do audio monitoring while video recording using iphone or Samsung galaxy s4?

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  14. can i do this on canon 60d without magic lantern?thanks a lot

  15. Can this monitor the audio from an external mic like a Ride Videomic or does this only monitor the audio from the canon microphone? 

  16. I see this has been asked, but not sure if it's been answered. Can I use this without the monitor and still check the audio? Thanx! I have a Canon 600D

  17. If this works, it will help me so much.

  18. Nice video!!! I have a Canon T5i, I got Fiio E06 but I can't listen the audio when the camera is recording but the playback I can listen!

  19. Can you record audio with headphones? Thanks

  20. Will this work on a Canon T3i Rebel 60D? Does it still require magic lantern?
     And do we need a monitor? I just want to be able to monitor the audio I get from the mic attached to my camera.

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