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  1. what is name of music

  2. Wheres the Sony A7 series? … The Nikon D810? The Canon 1Dx? For me those were the Best ones.. And today are the Canon 5DS R, the Nikon D810 and Sony A7R 2 ( the Best one for me )…

  3. cameras is spelt like this , not like this: camera's

  4. ey stoped selling mark ii tho :(

  5. Aren't they aware of the existence of the 1DX? 5D Mark II is a great camera, the first of its kind in video but should not be on the list. It should be the 1DX.

  6. Why is 5d ii on the list, could have been replaced with 7d ii or D810.

  7. "Camera's" is possessive – "cameras" is plural.

  8. Упоротый Оранжевый Хомяк

    and where is canon 1d-x ?

  9. Luis Otavio Perroni Sarmento

    AKA the 5 most expensives DSLR's

  10. wtf after 5d mk iii you put the mk ii on the list too 
    this is a joke

  11. best 2015 ??!!!! ..dslr video camera

  12. Canon 1Dx is better than the new Nikon D4x in overall uses. How could the D4 in the first place? Don't get it.

  13. Fucking hell they cost more than my car.

  14. christopher momberg

    2014 or 2015 -.- !!

  15. 1Dx is the one even in 2015

  16. whats the name of the music that you used in your video……….???

  17. 2015 ???? Hahah 5d mark iii hahaja

  18. Lovely video, Awesome music…

  19. i hope this isnt seriou
    I think you oversaw somethig when you are talking about cameras 2015
    Like the Nikon D4S,D810 and even the D750
    + I also think thant the 7D mk II is kind of a professional camera

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