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Best Smartphone Cameras Vs DSLR 2015! (Smartphone Photography Vs DSLR Photography)

Best Smartphone Cameras Vs DSLR 2015 (Best Camera Phone Photography Vs DSLR Photography):
Here’s a quick video with tips on the main points that separate the best smartphone cameras vs a DSLR. Will smartphone cameras or even the best camera phone ever be as good as a DSLR? Even with camera phone tricks is it physically possible to improve that much? This isn’t an in depth video, more of an overview requested by a subscriber.

First video of 2015 and nearly froze to death filming the beginning and end in front of the George Washington Bridge to bring this to you guys. Stay with me for future tech reviews in 2015, including the LG G Flex 2, HTC One M9, Apple Watch, and many more! Enjoy!

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Best smartphone camera or best camera phones vs dslr

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  1. What camera do you use? :)

  2. The biggest issue about this argument is portability. As a consumer, we are tilting towards phone cameras because it is always in your pocket, there when you need to capture that moment that could pass by. I have seen some awesome reviews of the Samsung S6 edge and I believe it will comfortably take better pictures than most low budget dslrs.

  3. This video will help me convince my ignorant superiors to invest in a DSLR and not let all the company imaging that we have be an ill-lit plethora of cellphone shots..

  4. Personally, I have been using OnePlus 2 for more than three days now,
    and I tell you it exceeds all expectations. Its extremely fast and
    responsive. The phone is rock solid, and the fingerprint sensor is just
    great. No battery, no camera and certainly no display issues with this
    release. Its a complete bang for your buck. NFC, Qi-charging? meh, I
    don't use it anyway, so no regrets! PS: anyone who want an instant
    invite, register through owner's VIP
    link: https://oneplus.net/invites?kolid=X1OSXD #oneplus2 #oneplus

  5. got a new subscriber, loved the video

  6. I dont like smartphone cameras and dont like huge dslrs so my choice would be something like canon s90 s95 s100 s110 s120 nikon p330 p340 or even some olympus or fuji compacts

  7. iPhone has  interchangeable lenses

  8. nokia lumia 1020 and samsun make awesome quality photos and video but they are not as sharp as a DSLR but for to days world  of instagram facebook people love them

  9. Where is the actual photo comparison ?

  10. where is lumia 930 pureview camera and lumia 1020 40MP pureview camera!

  11. The moment you start buying dedicated equipment for photography or video you are already past the point of diminishing returns in comparison to smartphones. A smartphone is a) a phone, b) a camera, c) a media player/computer and d) to some people at least, a fashion accessory.

    I like the idea of getting into videography and have looked at equipment on and off. It is just far too expensive. There are quite a few videos that cover the topic of budget/entry level cameras and they are talking about $600-$1000 worth of equipment for a minimalist setup (camera body, lens and maybe a basic tripod). That is far too expensive an entry point for this hobby in my opinion.

    Camera manufacturers need to figure out a way to offer more bang for the buck if they don't want to narrow their market down to professionals and and fanatical/extremely wealthy hobbyists.

  12. Had a salesperson at Verizon argue up and down with me that the LG g4 is a better camera than any DSLR. Yes smart phones take amazing pictures if you know how to use it but you'll never get the same quality as a dslr or even high end point and shoots of that matter!

  13. Phil dude nice video…. Keep it up… I will subscribe ur channel and by the way ur review was super awesome… 

  14. one subscribe for your great video bro ;)

  15. Great videos! As a beginning Tech YouTuber, I really enjoy these and I'm sure your channel will continue to grow. I hope mine will too, one day…

    Anyways! Magnificent quality! Keep it up!

  16. Настя Смолякова

    Hello!I really need your opinion!what do you think is better for traveling(not for vlogging):iPhone 6 or canon G7X?thank you

  17. What camera do you use for photos and videos?

  18. Good review bro!

  19. Damian Wojtanowski

    HI Phil! I like your channel specially  the way you compare the cameras even though that they have diffrent purpose. 
    I am going on a vacation in about 2 weeks and i was thinking about getting GO PRO hero 4, but  I am thinking to my self "do i really need it considering the fact that i can use my HTC smartphone to record and take pictures "
    Is there a chance you could make a video where you compare GoPro to a smartphone camera , or to any other camera that you recomend for a vacation..???

  20. galaxy s6 = boss phone camera

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