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I’ve really enjoyed working with the Canon 70D over the past several weeks. Between the ...


  1. hello bro…..how to track a motion of a person in a 70d cam

  2. Dear brother your video made me to purchase the 70D.Could you please tell me which mics should I use for recording dialogues of actors. Thank you.

  3. Hi brother,
    I have the same camera canon 70d,
    Could you tell me the settings for to get cenimatography photos not videos please?
    Help me… amd i am bigginer for photography…

    Thanks in advance :) 

  4. Thank you brother.
    Om shanti.

  5. what would be the best lens for Cinematography with 70D??

  6. Sidhraan Raveendran

    I have used this camera and a bunch of other cameras, and not a fanboy of any company……
    There are better options now for videographers looking to get a film style look. Canon 70D is an OK camera, but no way near to Sony A7S or A7M2 quality and usability for videos and stills.

    The only good thing on 70D is its video (live view) autofocus and, Magic lantern software; which provides some useful features like Focus Peaking that you can find inbuilt on all Sony E mount Cameras. Rack Focusing is no way related to camera, as its depends on the lens design and, other setups. Sony A6000 can actually do on par or even better video autofocus, and is a better overall package. A6000 has excellent autofocus, 11 fps, overall better image and video quality, better low light performance, and is much cheaper and smaller than Canon 70D. A6000 also has build in Wifi and NFC, and unlike canons Wifi, you also get some video controls over Wifi, and is more advanced overall. The low light king is Sony A7S, and no other cameras will even come close to its low light still and video performance, including much more expensive Canon 5Dm3, Nikon D810 or Nikon D4s… 

    Sony don't have much native lens collection as Canon and Nikon. But you will get all the useful lenses with Sony, and you can also use ANY (Canon, Nikon, Zeiss, Lica etc) lenses with Sony cameras with a cheap lens adapter, which is not possible for Canon or Nikon. Please note that Sony Zeiss lenses are far more superior than any Canon or Nikon lenses. The only lens which is superior than Zeiss is Lica, which is almost 10 times costly than any Zeiss…
    Sony A6000 cost 49,000 and is superior than any Canon or Nikon APSC cameras for both stills and videos, including Nikon D5300, D7100, or Canon 70D, 700D.
    But if you want the best video and, low light camera- Sony A7S – 1,48,000 
    Hope these info are helpful, and happy shooting :-)

  7. what lens do you use on your 70d

  8. I am planning to buy a DSLR for filmmaking.. Can you please suggest which DSLR is better for film making 70D or 7D?

  9. Is 60d good for cinematography?

  10. I just bought the 70D because of your review. But please tell me the settings and setup you used in the video song … THANK YOU SIR

  11. I agree..but according to my budget i could afford Canon 600D only…does it good for short film making or any other models for the same price range ?

  12. Thanks a lot man!

  13. Wow Great Thank you Harinath Devara..

  14. woooww supperrr good

  15. Thanks

  16. 5hanks.a lot

  17. Which single lense you recemond.tamron 28-75mm or 24-70mm.or sigma 17-70mm.or just canon lense L

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