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Canon EOS 600D DSLR Camera Sample Video – Canon

Canon EOS 600D DSLR Camera Sample Video - Canon

The Canon 600D DSLR camera lets you take the first step into the world of EOS photography, empowering enthusiast photographers to capture outstanding images and Full HD video.

Be the first to see some of its features in this sample video shot entirely on the camera itself.

Find out more about the 600D here: http://bit.ly/1iHuEnl
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  1. Why my camera stop recording automatically? I need help, anyone please answer my question, i have set the time to 30 minutes

  2. O MY GOD i was surprised seeing this XD this is where i live! the fountain was at the plaza de españa vejer de la frontera 😀 andalucia spain

  3. Why is it, the image i get in the LCD screen , doesn't represent the actual picture/video at all … in any way other than the position lol. Does this mean, the LCD viewfinder is broadcasting a picture that is fake? Or why can't my camera take the picture or video footage that is in the LCD? The LCD screen picture or video looks perfect, but when i film/photo, it blows chunks :/

  4. This was my first dslr and I got it only about 3 -4 months ago. This camera is worth it in my opinion (still my first and only dslr right now)  It fits my budget with rather good quality. The pictures are superb. Video quality is great. There is also an external mic jack which is great for video. Just be reminded that it doesn't have a full frame sensor, I just realized this when I brought a 50mm lens, I remember people saying that a 50mm lens has the same view of the human eye, but since its not full frame it's magnified. Also the burst speed is only like 3 or 4 frames per second. Shutter goes to 1/4000th hehe I'll stop now. I love this camera.

  5. Daniel H. Andersen

    Why only 720p when it can capture Full HD?

  6. andalucia / Canon <3

  7. Rico em detalhes… bela propaganda.

  8. I am still thinking whether I should get this or not…. because it fits my budget….

  9. I love this camera

  10. Ok would anybody recommend me the best lenses for shooting videos on 600d?

  11. it may be because of light, settings and more importantly lens .

  12. why do i never achieve such a great quality video with my 600d ?


  14. good :)


    ха ха ха

  16. Arjen A. J. van Wijnsberge

    Now go watch in 720pHD

  17. Incredible

  18. Muy bueno! creo que has sacado el máximo partido, a la cámara. Creo reconocer La Paza alta de Algeciras, ¿Verdad?. Podrías darme algún consejo para configurar la 600d la parte de Video. Gracias Saludos.

  19. timelapse (stitched up stills probably RAW with careful post)

  20. timelapse obviously

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