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Canon 70D DSLR Video Review

I’ve really enjoyed working with the Canon 70D over the past several weeks. Between the ...


  1. Please make a video compression to (Nikon_D3300/D5300/D5500 & Canon 70D) Same exact time and location
    Please please please….. 

  2. Dick

  3. Hoping this showed the large box containing the camera, etc.

  4. Should I get 60D or 70D with less buttons? Help please!

  5. very nice video….how do i set up my wifi on the camera?

  6. can i ask a question?? how much a fish eye costs??

  7. this guys audio sucks … so buzzy and irritating,

  8. What was this video filmed with? thanks (:

  9. Subscribed! Great Video!!!

  10. Hi really nice video☆☆☆☆☆. But could you tell me if the 70d has continues auto focus while capturing a video ??…plz answer as soon ass you can. .;D

  11. Iv currently got the 60D, do you belive its worth to upgrade just for the autofocus

  12. cool review … but plastic everywhere ! ill stay with my 7D and buy more lenses :) cheers

  13. I have a new video up comparing the Nikon D7100 and the Canon 70D in which I compare the STM lens with a non-STM lens.

  14. Koli Bandyopadhyay

    I am eager to be in touch with Majid. How to exchange mail with him?

  15. Great unboxin….looking for the review

  16. Would love to see comparisons between AF with the STM lenses and non-STM lenses. Does the STM make that much of a difference with this new sensor?

  17. Looking forward to your future 70D videos! Great unboxing as always.

  18. I think there should be a 60d giveaway now the 70d is out? Haha;)

  19. Great unboxing and really informational video. I really liked it and great camera angles. Awesome video mate :-)

  20. I live in Vancouver, Canada.

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