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Canon EOS 70D DSLR Camera WiFi Setup & Demo


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  1. Very helpful and informative. Thanx

  2. what apps is that for my android? tnx

  3. How do you setup wifi on a Nikon Coolpix S7000

  4. When connecting to my laptop (Mac), it's asking me for a WPA2 password. if I ever set one up, I sure don't remember it. How and where can I RESET my password (or eliminate the need for a WPA2 password)? Please help. Cheers.

  5. How to take long exposure with the help of application

  6. whats the name of the app

  7. you're a life saver 
    thank you

  8. Talk about making it diffulcult – i own two EOS 70 d's – keep the instructions easy. use the easy connection option during set up !

  9. hi. sir i want to shoot my jwelley and how to get very sharp photos  wat should i do  and kindly  guid to me which lens i ll choose for jwellery shoot also with equpmet please tell me

  10. thanks

  11. how to connect to computer? pls

  12. Do you need LTE on your phone to post the pics on Instagram? Or does the camera wifi work as a hotspot?

  13. Bushcraft Quebec Outdoors

    i never use mac products

  14. i bought the t6s that just came out in april will the app work for that camera too?

  15. Can't do video with the remote.  But, it is awesome for taking shots of wild birds, animals, etc., where you want to me away from the camera for the nice close-ups!

  16. How can i see the password ond the camera? 

  17. This was for still pictures. What about video recording? Can we use smartphone for that?

  18. Hi omar! Im using mobile data? Still can connect?. Tnx. 

  19. do you really need internet or no

  20. Hi I have samsung galaxy s3 but not have this app into the play store, maybe?

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