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  1. the 7D has been discontinued, they are going to announce the 7D mark II soon…

  2. What's the music????

  3. anyone know the song?

  4. Canon you are wonderful, this commercial is so beautiful :)

  5. Hey Canon, well done on posting your video in 480p.

  6. Just got delivery of my 7d

  7. sounds like AK47

  8. Music is by Swiss artist Minus 8, no idea on the track title though; it was most likely made for the ad.

  9. I like how he says "wow" at the end. I know what that feels like.

  10. Piano song name please?

  11. how lucky you guys are having 7d …. :( why i cant afford it …

  12. I own this camera and I'm really happy with it.

  13. how is the piano piece called?

  14. @Boodhunnilesh Oh ok thats not so, Wow My new birthday present to me than! ha ha ha. Thank you for the details. Greatly appreciated!!

  15. @jmaritz328 hello there this camera is the Canon EOS 7D and its average price is about 1500$, and yes its definitely a lot better than PowerShot camera which are point & shoot compared to the 7D which is a semi-pro DSLR

  16. How much is this camera? I want one. ALso is it better than the Cannon Power Shot? (Stupid question ) Whats the name of the song too? LOL

  17. which lens is it?

  18. @MachinistakaxERo i am exactly in your shoes right now. Saving for a machine that captures dreams.

  19. Listen to that shutter go! I haven't tried out the 8 fps shooting yet on my 7D, no chance to yet! Soon…soon!

    What I didn't get was the use of the HUGE bazooka L series in that ad…the horses weren't that far away, he could have used something a little smaller …. then again, hard to judge distance in a video, and I am sure he knows what he's doing 😉

  20. 60 Sekunden Schönheit und Aktion! Canon. Grossartiger Sound.

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