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Canon announced today the newest release in the EOS lineup – the 7D Mark II DSLR. Scott and Matt go through the amazing feature set. The new camera features:
20.2 Mega Pixel APS-C Sensor
ISO from 100 to 16000 (Expandable to 51200!)
10 Frames per second continuous shooting
Cross-type 65-point Auto focus
1080p HD Video
Built In GPS Tagging
Internal Compass
Customizable Viewfinder Display
Bulb Timer
Magnesium Alloy Body
Weather Sealed
Dual Card Slots (CF&SD)

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  1. I need a camera for shooting and short video, how good is this one for both?

  2. You can mentally masturbate over differing camera specs, technologies, sensors, dynamic range, ISO performance all you like….but the thing that continues to make you a sucky photographer is your lack of skill. The fact is most of the best/famous/iconic photos ever taken were done on cameras/lenses far inferior to this. What is your excuse….

  3. How many minutes can video be shot at one time?

  4. I am a Nikon user i always  wanted to know why Does Canon put Mark II or Mark III would it be More Simple Just Say Canon something like 7D II maybe its just me but it  is More Simple Canon Users already know its the second version putting Mark in the name sounds pointless   

  5. BIG NEWS!!! Canon just announced a seriously game-changing camera for sports and wildlife photographers — the EOS 7D Mark II. Check out the video below for a very quick, short & sweet look at the specs — then head over to my blog for the reason why this is such a game changer. Here's the link: http://www.scottkelby.com/

  6. scott and matt review on 7d Mark II

  7. Gotta love these 3rd party commercials.

  8. I still think people are better of with a second hand 1DIV.

  9. photographerjonathan

     sorry Canon but no camera released in 2014 should be without a touch screen ( fully articulating ) especially one with a dual pixel sensor, so you can do touch focusing during video like the 70D, personally I would like to see the same camera made in a mirrorless, that is maybe  300 grams lighter with a fully articulating touch screen, and 4k video would be nice also, or maybe everyone should just buy the new Samsung NX1, with 4k, wifi, more focusing points, an articulating touch screen, 15fps with a 28mp back lit sensor, and around 350 grams lighter, Canon always seems to be conservative with there cameras, only giving people just enough to stick with Canon, but not enough to make people excited about there new camera, the only people that will be excited about this 7Dll are people who want 10fps that already own Canon glass   

  10. Everyone is foaming at the mouth over a 10 point feature commercial for a newly released camera? If you rely on other people to tell why to buy, you are completely lost. It's a commercial. Commenting and arguing over camera specs makes you look rediculous.

  11. Carolyn Kedric (MicCheckMedia)

    Is the 7D Mark II good for concert photography?

  12. Hi, would you please when you can tell me if the 7D2 is compatible with the BG-E7 battery grip for the 7D, thanks, brilliant video

  13. Background music is too loud.

  14. Nobody puts a 70-200 IS L lens on a 1.6x crop sensored body. It would effectively become a 4.5 or 5.6 lens and defeat the entire purpose of spending all that money on a good lens with blown out backgrounds.  Sure you might get a tighter shot, but it will be garbage. Youll never get an effective 20MP on a crop body with such a lens anyway.  For the same price, pick up a used 5D MkII and take exponentially better photos. Or, if you need the video, buy a Panasonic GH4 and be done with it.

  15. When Scott says it is the best for High ISO that he has seen in a crop body does he mean better than the 1DIV?

  16. If the 7D MII will correct focus while shooting video, do you set auto-focus to AF-Servo for video shooting, and select the entire grid?  If not, then how does that work?

  17. Canon your main sponsor???

  18. This video will tell you everything you need to know about the Canon EOS 7D Mark II DSLR!

  19. In comparing the specs to the Nikon d7100 and the Sony a77mkii, the Canon actually has lower performance than the other two at a much higher price.  Dpreview has a great compare feature here – http://www.dpreview.com/products/compare/side-by-side?products=canon_eos7dii&products=sony_slta77ii&products=nikon_d7100

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