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Canon T4i (650D) DSLR Camera Modification Instructions for Astro & Infrared Imaging

Canon T4i (650D) DSLR Camera Modification Instructions for Astro & Infrared Imaging

This is a complete instructional video for modifying a Canon T4i (650D) DSLR Camera using an Astronomik Multi-Coated and optically pollished clear glass for astrophotography and infrared imaging and video capture. An astro modification using a Baader UV/IR DSLR replacement filter is also explained. See my web site for detailed step by step modification instructions for various Canon DSLR models. My website is at http://garyhonis.com
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  1. Hi , does anybody if there are digital cameras with out the IR filter?, bECAUSE MY NEW CAMERA does not have one. But i still see normal colors…. Thanks a lot folks.

  2. Gary. You are a special creature. :)

  3. Is it possible to remove the remove the rgb filter to make the sensor a true monochrome (including infrared) detector?

  4. What size does this screwdrivers have?

  5. great piece of instruction! thank you very much!

  6. Hi gary i have recently taken out the IR filter out of my 500D but as I didnt take any test shots to begin with (taking the filter out as soon as i got it) I am unsure if my camera is in true focus. Is there any way i can find out?

  7. If yes, where do you get the clear glass replacement ? I tried to search for it online but couldnt find any. Thanks for the guide

  8. Hi Gary, Thanks for your video tutorial. Quick question, is it really necessary to have clear glass filter as replacement ?

  9. I was wondering if you have any experience with the T2i, is there much difference inside when converting?  I can't seem to find any info on here using the T2i. Thanks

  10. What does the camera do what this new glass filter, how much will you do my T4i?

  11. Hello
    Thank you for this detailed explanation
    Has a question
    I want to modify such as his command to shoot astronomer
    But I do not have filter Astronomik UV-IR Blocker
    Is it possible that
    Or should I buy this filter

  12. Is it necessary to replace it with Astronomic MC clear glass? What's the difference if I just left it empty? It seems a little expensive, are there any cheaper alternatives?

  13. Hi again Gary,

    I need to purchase a Y-Band filter for the research I am doing. Have you got any idea where I might be able to purchase a suitable filter? I am having trouble locating a filter of appropriate shape and size for modification purposes.


  14. Is there something similar to ULTRAVIOLET SPECTRUM????

  15. Where do you buy the astronomik filters?

  16. Hey, nice work! But is it possible just to remove the filter and not to replace it and then put an ir-filter before the objective? Do I really need the klarglas? Hope anybody can help me^^

  17. Red adhesive is a nail polish. Better use acetone or solutions that have acetone (nail polish remover)

  18. You can also adapt and cutout a piece of UHC/LPR filter on to the sensor area.

  19. can you do mine for me?

  20. I do not have the balls required to take apart my t4i

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