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Choosing your first DSLR, beginners guide

Having trouble choosing your first DSLR ? This video should give you an idea on what to think about , when making that decision. It’s not just a matter of looking good , it’s a matter of what type of photography you want to do. Is a fast motor wind important? What cameras do your friends have? Is it the right make when you want to upgrade ? Is it important to have video? There are so many things to think about.

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  1. Love you grandpa

  2. would you recommend samsung as a brand for buying DSLRs from? If not, why?

  3. Really excellent unbiased video and to the point! 

  4. Thank you………….i have now fair idea of what i want.starting with cheap dslr then going for high end dslr or lens

  5. could you tell us what the camera is called

  6. WHich cameras are these? , im thinking of buying a canon eos 1200d.

  7. Thanks for the advice mr McCordall

  8. Amateur Futographer

    Hello Phillip,

    I am looking to buy DSLR but bit confused which one to buy because of lots of options being available in the market.

    Here I would like to add that I like taking photos of my family and kids at home (including portraits), indoor photography, family trips to another city or country (holidays) , day outs, school functions, kids sports, friends get-together etc.
    I would love to take blurred background pictures which is my favorite part.

    I am not much into wild photography, architecture, etc.

    Should I buy DSLR Camera and Lens in one go instead of buying them separately?

    I am thinking of buy eitehr Nikon 18-105mm or 18-200mm lens. Not sure which lens to buy! and would that be worth to buy these zoomed lens keeping in view my above photography priorities! Or should I go for prime lens?
    And also not sure which camera body to buy?

    My budget is approx. $1200  (£750).

    Thank you in advance for your time and comments.

    Amateur Photographer

  9. Which one is good exclusively for weddings? Also what would be the ideal accessories for weddings, eg. lenses, flash etc.

  10. Ive just bought a sony a58 & i had a look at some lenses & omg the shock at the lens i want £1,250 iam new to dslr so after watching this video it will probably suit me the way it is, altho i want a big fancy flash on top lol

  11. (Birds) wink* wink*

  12. Thanks for great tips. I am a Visual Effects artist and want to buy a new camera and lens for texture and flat field photography. Very sharp textures. I find very little information online regarding the same and was wondering if you had any suggestions ? Thanks :) 

  13. Alright so first you talked about replacing the Shutter?? I didn't know you had to do that. How often would that be? I'm looking for one that can just take a generally good picture. Maybe so nature shots, The Blue Angels, anything that looks interesting. Not too many night shots for me. (unless it's just something that has to be captured) something with relatively good video, 1080p. I found one, the Nikon D5300, is that a good choice? Beginner so I'm on a budget (Doesn't mean I don't want the best picture/video I can get). What would you suggest? Thanks!

  14. Thank you Philips for very interesting video. I am backpacker. I do lots of travel and I would love to have one DSLR to capture beauty of the world while am travelling. I am new in photography and very keen to explore more in photography. Can you please help give me opinion/ advise on choosing my first DSLR that suit for me (as backpacker). I have quite tight budget (around 400pound)

  15. thanks!!!!

  16. It's an old Canon 400d , equivalent to the Canon Rebel

  17. what is the name of the smaller camera??? please answer!!!!

  18. Lovely review!  I have the Canon 7D and a myriad of bridge and pocket cameras too.  Many ask me which camera is better too.  I have now routed these folks to your video.
    Thanks for sharing such a comprehensive "lesson" Phillip :) 

  19. Hi Sir, I am new to DSLR. I want to get into DSLR study. Can you please guide me to get my first camera. I am luking forward for comparison between sony alpha 58 and nikon d5200. my budget is arnd 38K (INR). Please suggest me which is better.

  20. can you donate some money to buy a camera ..

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