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Event Photography Tutorial 101: How to Shoot Events

Event Photography Tutorial 101: How to Shoot Events

Event Photography Tutorial 101: How to Shoot Events

In this video, I go over the mind and gear set of how to photograph events of any kind. The biggest goal is to make these long days INTERESTING. If you can expose an image, you can photograph and get through an event making a company or brand look more human.

I go over the gear and settings I use for most events as well.

As always “Keep an Eye Out!”

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  1. Great tips.

  2. How did you start up as an event photographer and is it different/harder nowadays? i want to start a career out of my passion of taking pictures through event photography, i would greatly appreciate some insight dude thanks!

  3. you can make a living shooting events, nice try

  4. Where can I purchase that strap you're wearing in the video?

  5. Very helpful video !

  6. The Photo/Video Show

    I've been shooting events for years. Depending on the event, they are some of the most fun I've had as a photographer! :)

  7. I have an event photoshoot coming up so this video came at the perfect time! Thanks for uploading!

  8. Hey Eric good video very helpful. I follow this other photographer who shoots raw what is your take on photographing raw? 

  9. Putting my Fuji X-T1 into electronic shutter with no noise is a big reason events are good to me…… Usually asked to be a fly on the wall, unnoticed, and try to be quiet…..Not all are like that, but electronic shutter helps a lot……

  10. Next video please, how to get into event photography

  11. But how do you get these chances?

  12. I mean I knew this happened, but seems like there can be MAJOR money made. Thanks for the insight

  13. Here are the tops tips for photographing events! Be it corporate or comicon. It's a lucrative business that's on the low key. #photograph #business  

  14. Hi Eric, nice vid. I have a question for you, more of a gear oriented one. I am shooting a wedding in two weeks, my first wedding and i will be the only photographer. It's a budget type thing, for a friend. I have filmed before a wedding, a few portrait shoots, did a few different events. And then i have another wedding, 1 month from now.

    I have a Canon 7D + grip, a lot of batteries and cards. I have Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 OS, Canon 10-18mm f/4.5 – 5.6 IS STM, Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro usm, Canon 300mm f/4 L IS USM (i think it's not gonna get used, too long). I'm also planning to rent a Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS II. I also have 3x Yongnuo 600ex-rt flashes + YN-E3 transmitter + 2 light stands, 2 softboxes (60x60cm + 97cm octa), reflectors, gels, straps… light modifiers, like the fstoppers flashdiscs, 1 for each flash etc.

    Do you think i will need to rent some more stuff? Maybe a second body? I got an 25$ offer for a 5D Mark II to rent. So i would put the 70-200mm on the 5D, and the 17-50 on the 7D.

    The challenge is going to be that i can't use my car, i have to follow the bride and groom, they want to use public transport, they want to ride the tram for a different look and then go in the city center, to take photos / videos with some old buildings. So i have a Lowepro AW400 backpack. I'm thinking that 2 bodies and all the lenses will kill my back. It's not going to be all day on public transport, but before the reception at the restaurant they want to do this.

    What would you do in this case? Should i buy some kind of a roller bag?

  15. Hey Eric,
    I'm going to shoot an anime and gaming event(not getting paid, just want to get my name out to the cosplayers) next month with a lot of stuff going on at the same stuff (board games, PC/Console gaming, art stuff and the stuff on the main stage). My question is should I focus more on the offside stuff or focus more on the main stage? And also should I use a flash on the event if the light is good?

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