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  1. Worked like a champ on my d3000. Car file of the spring release when placing cap back. Thank you for the help.

  2. This worked for me to repair my D5000 flash not firing. I fixed it on 7-6-2015. Please note that my flash did pop up originally it just didn't fire when up and this fixed that problem. Please note, when removing the back cover I somehow dislodged the tension spring on the opposite side that controls the actual pop up of the flash. It was not easy for me to get this back in the correct place, but my husband who is more mechanically inclined than I was able to get it back and then camera works great. (If your flash will not pop up at all, maybe this spring has come loose…just a thought for those of you with that problem). Also for those who asked about screw driver I used a very very tiny Phillips head (maybe like the kind you use for eyeglasses. You also had to go in at an angle from below for screwdriver to catch. Thanks for saving me $300!!!

  3. Tried what you said to do, but found Phillips head screwdriver would not work. Was it a JIS type. If Phillips head what size?

  4. I did not find such in this video on my camera. it turns out you lied

  5. What can I do when a flash is stuck on my Nikon ? u just skip the important step…

  6. Hi
    I'm from Poland. I watched Your video Fixing Nikon Dslr Cameras Flash problems and I have one question. Did Your flash didn't popup or popup but didn't work?
    I have Nikon d5200 and Flash is pop up, but don't work.
    Sorry for my English

  7. what screw driver did you use? 

  8. sir i have same problem with the flash…but when i open my d3100 built in flash, they are not the same…i can't see any little hook inside..can you help me how to fix it…? thank you in advance sir…God Bless

  9. good very helpful,..but first how can i  fix if my flush doesnt go up,..

  10. Was not my problem but it will can help later? Big thanks to you for helping people with your tip!!! 😉 Sorry for my english… i am french

  11. Awesome video.  Thanks for sharing.  Don't think I have the exact same problem, as our flash on a D5200 will not open.  I think the actuator is stuck, because we can't get the flash to open up.  It flashes, but sounds terrible (like a big ZAP!) because it flashes while it's closed.  The camera is only a few months old, so we'll probably call Nikon.  Just wanted to do a little research first.  Any ideas?

  12. Thanks, hopefully it helps fix my problem. Great vid

  13. Thanks, because of this video I got the flash working again on my D80!

  14. Christopher Baxter

    Why do people steal other peoples videos and post them as there own?? kinda lame man

  15. awesome! it worked perfectly for me! thanks for sharing.

  16. didn't help me :(
    but i have a d70

  17. Thank you for this, really good and very well explained.

  18. Thanks it worked

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