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flash photography tutorial – conquer your fear of the flash

this an easy exercise to teach you how to control your flash and conquer your fears. doing our simple shots in your own way with your own, flashgun, will help you understand how much light you are going to get, and how powerful it will be. I believe this simple flash photography tutorial is the easy way to learn
The exercise consists of photographing the flash gun directly in action by using a wireless trigger. We can compare first hand all the power settings, and how light will be casted by the flash gun. On top of that you will visualise how wide the light cone will be by controlling the flash zoom.
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  1. Very well explained. I've got it.

  2. I think the difficult thing is how do you decide your initial setting on your camera

  3. so simple yet very educational. thank you! can you share some tips on shooting with flash in a low light ballroom where the cieling is really high. 

  4. Can you tell me what kind of flash is that ? Brand 

  5. This was a great tutorial. It really helped me to understand my flash. Thank you!

  6. thanks for this video tutorial!!thumbs up..

  7. Great video as always, thank you very much.

  8. thnx really helpful !

  9. Thank you
    I've got a lot of interest.
    Thanks again 

  10.  HEY TUDOR(MASTER)! hear is my question…i have a grate flash called  Nikon sb 900!unfortunately i did work on it properly because its heats very badly and its lock it up  and its killing my result and moments!if you can please give me some advise on it!

  11. Adrian “Curly” D.

    I really appreciate the tutorial.  Great tips for an aspiring photographer.  Mahalo!

  12. thank you that was really helpful

  13. Very informative !!
    Thank you very much …..

  14. thank you sir for informative video

  15. Academy of Photography

    Are ou afraid of your flash?
    flash photography tutorial – conquer your fear of…: http://youtu.be/5dagB7uADL0

  16. Thank you very much this has helped me understand my new flash unit before I have even had a chance to try it. Very helpful.

  17. Thankyou, this exercise has already helped me understand my flash and i look forward to putting this into practice to see what results i can get.

  18. Thank you for taking the time to create these informative videos. This one is a good exercise that everyone should do for themselves to get a much better understanding of their flash. Knowing one's equipment is helpful for getting those great shots. Thanks!

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