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Fashion, Glamour, Modeling, Posing, and Lighting Photography Tutorial (outtakes @ 15:00)

Fashion, Glamour, Modeling, Posing, and Lighting Photography Tutorial (outtakes @ 15:00)

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  1. To those who thought this video is deceitful: I don't know if anybody noticed the word TRAILER in the title.

  2. For those criticising this video it clearly says 'trailer' in the title. If you don't have the sense to figure out what that means then more fool you… And those whinging about the price and comparing it to watching other free online tutorials then you clearly have no idea the effort and high quality of these courses developed by SLR lounge. I personally have purchased a previous course from SLR Lounge on Couples Photography and the amount of detail was incredible; from shooting on location all the way through to post production. The best part is that I have them forever and can go back a re-watch if I need to brush up on my skills. This trailer definately got me excited for purchasing this course…Thanks Pye & SLR lounge!

  3. what haze did u use for the gym photo session and also for the bike potrait shoot session ? +SLR Lounge | Photography Tutorials +Pye Jirsa

  4. I came for the thumbnail. I don't need lessons. But if I did, there are one and a half BILLION free lessons on the web I could watch. So I'd buy a used flash, a long ass p/c cord or cheap radio trigger and teach myself all I need to know. But really, there's almost as many people offering their lessons for a fee as there are free lessons. What more can you teach that others haven't taught? 

  5. Big thumbs down for this clown scam

  6. dam commercial don't watch this

  7. This course is truly a bargain at only 150 bucks! Remember folks knowledge trumps gear any day. Thinking about buying a studio strobe for thousands of dollars and have limited flash skills consider investing in your education instead.

  8. Advertisement only. Sucks. Don't waste your time on this cheesy douche-bag.

  9. Frederick Dustyhorn Jr

    I love it!

  10. Sure looks like a great course, maybe will try to get it one day.

  11. way too expensive, really wish it was more affordable! phlearn never charges this much..

  12. This was not a "Tutorial". This was an ad for a paid course. Irritated that I waited for a tutorial. Please correctly label videos.

  13. I clicked on this video because of the thumbnail. I'm giving this video a thumbs down for false advertising.

  14. If its an ad, mention that in the title 

  15. Check out this video on YouTube:

  16. Iluminacion

  17. Radhamesh “MCRADHADESIGN” Del Castillo

    Esto parece un campo fantástico para aquellos de ustedes madre esperando fotographer para obtener el máximo provecho de una sola fotografía con flash. El amor las cosas desde el salón SLR.

  18. I think I have learned more about how to use one flash and one reflector by watching this trailer than most courses and people could ever tell me.

  19. On camera bounced off camera.

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