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High-Speed Photography Tutorial with Splashes and Flashes

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In this high-speed photography tutorial, you will learn how to freeze the motion of water splashes by using external flashes, a fish tank, and an object of your choice.
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  1. Viviane Belladona

    I don't have flickr account so i'm commenting here. You art is out of this world!!!

  2. Viviane Belladona

    I just checked your photos on Flickr! OMG! You are a genius!!!! You are to photos what Nikola Tesla was to science! Genius! Love IT!

  3. Viviane Belladona

    I loved your photos!!! Very beautiful!!! You should sell them for big bucks! :)

  4. thanks for teaching!

  5. What is a prime lense ? Why does it shoot sharp images ?

  6. David KHachatrian


  7. It seem alot of work

  8. Take that water

  9. Great tips and funny guy too lol

  10. Put a BANANA in u ass

  11. excellent work done against gravity! :)

  12. I really enjoyed the tute. Nice sense of humour too. I wouldn't mind seeing some of your processing too, but meanwhile I need to go and clean up my bathroom!

  13. My-Picture.co.uk

    Great idea to try out at home. High-speed photography tips that'll help you make the most awesome photos ever. #highspeedphoto   #photographytips   #tipsandtricks   #photography  

  14. This is Totally FAB. So…Thumped & Shared. Your Friends @ Symone1176 Channel ~

  15. Cant we do this with a pocket camera?

  16. rumit dech, tpi ajib..

  17. Nice tutorial.
    Black backgrounds are great, but if you want something a little more stunning, or grab your attention, instead of the board, use a softbox and a colored gel filter on the strobe.  Point the strobe towards the back of the softbox, and you'll set the power at maybe 1/8 or 1/16th, depending on the distance and color filter you're using.
    Furthermore, I have used a 'split waterline', above and below, but for this type of shoot, I prefer just below, and the camera angled up some.  It'll give you some texture in the water at the top.
    You can see examples on my Flickr page:

  18. Tuncharnook longsumlee


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