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How To Read A Histogram – Photography Tutorial

In this episode we cover how to read a histogram. Checking your histogram will help you get the best results without using a light meter.

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  1. I got to 14min and am now totally confused …. f13, f18, f16, f13, f10 !! really! couldn't watch any more, thanks for the try.

  2. Good video! I don't really use the histogram much.. usually just make sure my highlights aren't clipping but getting a better grasp on understanding this is for sure helpful. Thanks man

  3. Very helpful,thanks. By the way, that camera setup is SWEET!!  Kind of looks like a star wars drone that Vader sent to Hoth to look for Luke though.

  4. Would increasing the fill light cut down on the excessive dynamic range and bring more light into the shadows.


  6. Way super helpful!   Thanks!

  7. IT'S COOL GUY!!! music…

  8. Very helpful

  9. Thank You!

  10. Great joke. LOL

  11. Thank you. Very helpful 

  12. I'm sorry, but I stopped watching because of the squeaky marker.

  13. Those chart boxes for the histogram information were awesome.. Really incredibly well done.. Fantastic attention to detail.

  14. Very helpful information I got here and yeah that's the one squeakiest marker!!!

  15. If your light setup in studio is perfect and when you export the picture in PS in levels mode (cmd+L) there is empty space in dark and highlights do you adjust that or leave it that way?

  16. I understand the histogram better now, but I don't necessarily feel like it will help me get better shots.  The light meter seems to do the job just fine in my experience so far.  But it's good to know!  Maybe it'll be useful for some dark sky exposures!

  17. Aaron is the son of Steve Carell and Sheldon Cooper. I love the way he explaines everything, really easy and fun! Long life to Phlearn!

  18. The video is very enjoyable, thanks :)

  19. Dark object and Caucasian person?

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