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How to take great Astrophotography and night sky photography tutorial

Winner of the Astrofest David Malin Awards Wide-Field category, photographer Phil Hart (http://www.philhart.com), shares his photography advice to show you how to shoot great photographs of the night sky and stars, space and moon.
From how to choose a sturdy tripod to setting up your camera properly, what lens to choose and where to focus, to what exposure settings to use, here are his tips for awesome night sky photography and astrophotography.
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  1. Merci pour la vidéo – Bravo c'est super intéressant :-)

  2. Hi Phil, I am only starting to play aroung with my 70D but only have a EFS-18-200mm lens – this is lens good enough to take night sky photography?

  3. Фризлайт, Рисование светом - Lightpaint.ru

    nice night work!

  4. I have Nikon d 5100 with 18 to 55 lense is it sutble for sky

  5. Talking Through Art

    thanks for sharing ! What's your email please ?

  6. Great video. It clarified a few issues I've been having with my shots. As soon as the rain stops I'm going out to hopefully get some shots as beautiful as yours :)

  7. placed the camera on the ground outside facing directly up , went inside opened the tablet & took the shot . . .  to easy :)

  8. I adopted the settings as close as I could for my GoPro Hero 4 , the image was awesome , unfortunately I'm in the city & the star show is crap but I was pleasantly surprised at the result :)

  9. Are these by Canon eos 7d ?

  10. I need some advice on a camera to purchase. Currently, I have a fujifilm finepix s6800. it has horrible battery life and poor quality photos. I'm looking for a camera that enables me to capture the stars and produce clear moon shots. It's between a Canon EOS Rebel T5i, a Canon EOS Rebel T5, or a Nikon D3200. Any help would be appreciated.

  11. Wonderful images, excellent explanation. Thank you

  12. Short and straight to the point, thank you, you make it sounds so easy.

  13. thank you very much.
    Michael Cox

  14. Okay one problem. When I take a picture of stars. Most of them turn out like a little bit of light trail and blurry. What do I do? And yes I use a tripod.

  15. what is the name of this camera please and is it expansive ?

  16. Does the ISO always need to be High for night photography?

  17. it didnt work for me

  18. I cant find shutter speed and infinity focus on my camera please help ( Canon EOS 600D)

  19. awesome… thanks for sharing

  20. I use a canon 50D, have some difficulty with nighttime photography, I do like shooting in manual mode, have a question about your comment on achieving the right  focal point, when pointing in the distance during the daytime using auto focus, and then swit ching back  to manual focus for that same focal point at night, Do you keep the same settings on the camera for both nighttime and daytime ? ( eg. Manual Mode, 30" seconds exposure, IOS 3200, white balance to Daylight ), if not what are the settings on the camera when achieving the right focal point in auto focus?,,thanks, looking forward to your reply.

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