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How to use wide angle lenses – DSLR photography tutorial

Tips on using wide angle lenses – how they can tell a story and create a powerful connection between the subject and the viewer. A look at a range of Canon wide-angle lenses, plus tips on shooting wide angle portraits, action shots and landscapes.


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  1. Truth Reigns Forever

    thank you very much, very appreciated! Very Insightful.

  2. Masha Georgiev Photography

    Very informative video! Thanks!

  3. thanks a lot

  4. Excellent video tutorial and thank you for the great info!

  5. Hello, how did you make your pictures to have that. "Matte" when using the 35mm lens? I mean, how did do that on the settings?

  6. That was helpful. Thank you.

  7. Thank you for your time in producing such an informative tutorial and some of the pitfalls. Having just bought a wide angle 11-16mm lens it has certainly opened up uses that I hadn't considered. Thanks again for sharing examples of your work which are equally impressive and sharing the examples of the possible mistakes.

  8. Very interesting, thank you.

  9. Thanks Tom excellent video
    Perfect examples of:
    distorts perspective 
    emphasize foreground not background
    anything far from the camera becomes small
    anything close to the camera becomes big

  10. Fernando A. Gallegos

    Great lesson on how to get the most out of a wide angle lensses. Thank you very much!

  11. Great Video, and excellent photos

  12. … tks for speaking "english" , very useful for beginners …

  13. great information,  I am thinking about a a 10-22mm

  14. Fantastc tutorial about the use of lens, the best I've read here so far

  15. I am new to photography and getting to know lenses. Can someone tell me if my 18-140 kit lens is capable of shooting all the images shown in the video? If it can go from wide to telephoto, why do people just buy it and not the other intermediate lenses? Sorry if I'm sounding dumb, I am probably..

  16. Born to be WIDE. Great tutorial and as i says, DO IT.

  17. learnt me a lot .lovely fotos

  18. I also don't have the 24-70 but I do have the 17-55 with the T5I crop sensor. What are your suggestions with that also.

  19. I have a Canon T5i crop sensor and I already purchased a canon 10-22 a few months ago which I cannot return. What are your suggestions with that lens on that body?

  20. Lots of good info thanks

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