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Lenses: What to Buy Next? – Photography & Video Tutorial

Lenses: What to Buy Next? - Photography & Video Tutorial

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From Jay P Morgan,

Hi, this is Jay P Morgan and today on The Slanted Lens we are going to take a look at lenses. What’s the next lens you should buy after the kit lens that came with your camera? We will discuss what different focal lengths do, zoom lenses vs fixed focal length, image stabilization, and then explain our simple lighting set up. Primes will give you sharpness and more light, zooms will give you more convenience so you can move fast. Your kit lens has a varying aperture so as you zoom in you will have to adjust it. It’s a sign of an inexpensive lens. It’s very inconvenient and another reason why I strongly suggest to get a different lens for you camera. For those who are more advanced the lens you will want to purchase will depend on the specific work that you do and if it fulfills the need in this department and pays off. Let’s start by taking a look at what different lenses do. Keep those cameras rolling and keep on clickn’.


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  1. Lucas Bittencourt

    Great vid, and you got me right on that introduction hah!

  2. great video jay. keep them coming please. 

  3. Great video, it was actually helpful and composed well, excellent model for the type of setting.

  4. Cristina Lawrence

    If you have a bunch of photos on your computer right now you could be sitting on a gold mine. You could be earning money from each of your photos!

  5. Praverb the Wyse

    Excellent video thank you J.P.

  6. What can i buy on a ghetto budget ?

  7. Gorgeous and sexy lady….perfect 

  8. FO awful, no value

  9. Meem Ab (MEEMab)

    Lenses: What to Buy Next? – By +Jay P. Morgan  #photography  

  10. I really appreciate the knowledge that your videos present! It illustrated the differences between the lenses nicely.

    On a unrelated, but coincidental note. I believe the bridge location you filmed at was in Russell Taylor's video "War of Hearts"?

  11. The Slanted Lens

    Here are some tips on what lens to buy next.
    http://youtu.be/InwmBWB6FfM #photogprahy

  12. You did not answer the question. At the start of the video you said that the choice of lens depends on what you what you want to photograph and you mentioned a range of zoom lenses –  16-35mm, 24-70mm and 70-200mm. You then spent a lot of time explaining the difference between zoom and prime lenses. However you did not explain which of these lenses would  be the best choice for the type of photography that I prefer. Should I use a 16-35 for portraits? or a 70-200mm for landscapes? or something else?

  13. Pasadena Bridge! Love my hometown. 

  14. More like "speed costs money, how fast can you AFFORD to go.

  15. While I agree that a photographer is well served to expand their lens collection, I disagree that it is absolutely necessary. 90% of photography is the person working the camera, not the equipment they wield….any chimp can push a button.

  16. Thank for the tips.. It was great

  17. The Slanted Lens

    So you have the stock lens, now what lens should you buy? Here are some tips!
    http://youtu.be/InwmBWB6FfM #photography

  18. Primes for life!

  19. Some really good advice and I agree that my 24-70 is on my camera most of the time as it really is a great walk around focal length.
    Kit lenses aren't bad if you can stop down to f/8 and will perform similar to more expensive lenses at that aperture.
    My Canon 24-70 f/2.8L II is sharper then any prime lens that Canon makes. This has been confirmed by Roger +LensRentals.com in his extensive testing.
    The Tamron 70-300 SP VC is a very pleasant surprise as for an inexpensive lens it performs extremely well after a microadustment.
    I just bought myself a Canon 16-35 F/2.8 II lens yesterday as sometimes 24mm for indoor shots is not wide enough. This lens is really a compromise as the corners are soft wide open but there really is no other option for Canon FF users if you easily want to use filters.
    Can you please get a Tamron 150-600 for review next month when they are released? There is a lot of anticipation for this lens as an affordable long lens with good image quality. I enjoy your videos immensely and feel that I learn something new each week.

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