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Levitation Photography Tutorial: How to Hover with Multiple Exposures

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  1. Tony looks very, very high in this video :)

  2. You are so sexy

  3. Hello there
    I think a green screen wraped on the subject to hide would be a good idea to blend the 2 scenes. Im gonna give it a try with my nefiews 😉
    Thank you

  4. so cool

  5. Marty.R Woodcock (Marty's Megapixels)

    An excellent tutorial. I've been using the eraser tool to erase the unneeded objects, but doing it your way is far easier. Thanks!

  6. u also beautiful 

  7. Your app name is ?

  8. I really like that you used Tony's books on Windows as an improvised stool!  That's actually a good idea, since you can adjust the height so easily. Although you need to have some ginormous books lying around…

  9. That was an awesome tutorial, easy to follow, but hard to do. I'm going to have lot's of fun practising… Thanks for posting the video. I have subscribed and like your video and am looking forward to other tutorials. Thank you.

  10. Am I the only one whos annoyed by her cropping out the guys foot?

  11. Anesia O. – Make sure the layer you want a mask on is selected, then hit the icon at the bottom of the layers panel that looks like a white rectangle with a grey circle in the middle. It's next to "Fx" and the little link icon

  12. I'm lost at the creating a mask step. I cannot see what was selected to create it! ;-( 

  13. Freaking love you guys!

  14. I thought the guy was a doll until he moves. Wow. He sure sit still, very stillll

  15. Great Job ….Thanks alot 

  16. this is tutorial how blend object, not levitation

  17. I've searched everywhere for a tutorial for this affect, as I'm an avid beginner, this is perfect!…. Please please do more tutorials!!!
    Ps, where's the wine? Lol

  18. Great ! thank you for this technique.

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