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Long exposure photography tutorial

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Step by step guide to controlling the amount of blur and abstraction you can create in your shots. Made using basic equipment.

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  1. Was this with or without a remote controlled device?

  2. Do I really need an nd filter to do the water effects?

  3. Helped heaps! 

  4. horestes stevi tomatala

    How to remove lens flare ???

  5. what is cpl im kind of a noob

  6. green = slippery. lol

  7. and i'm down

  8. "If only it Was that easy in real life"

  9. I have a 700D,what mode to take the sea picture

  10. hi, i bought a set of ND-filters and went out shooting but when i got home and looked at the pictures the reflection of the lens was in the picture. do you know a way to provide this ?

  11. You are absolutely the best at explaining everything so simply! No bullshit just simplified. I've learned so much from you!

  12. Hello, just wondering, if I was to go to the beach in pure daylight to shoot a long exposure over the sea and rocks like you did, what would I need to use as in filters? I have a tripod and the appropriate lens. 

  13. This was an amazing video!! This is what I needed for a long time! This will change my game a lot!:) thank you very much! 

  14. hello.. this tutorial was really helpful.. i tried dis.. and i got the whole image is blur to the shake i feel.. i had used i tripod too.. but nt getting an image as yours.. please help me out.. i have Nikon D7000

  15. Thanks for the tips

  16. how many stops your ND filter used?

  17. Holy shit balls, its not as hard as I thought! I'm gona try this!

  18. What type of lenses did you use?

  19. Thank you for your tips.
    Reinier from Amsterdam

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