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Low Budget DSLR Accessories (Canon 60D)

Low Budget DSLR Accessories (Canon  60D)

In this video I showcase some of my DSLR Camera gear and how it has helped improve the quality of some of my videos.


1. Sennnheiser MKE 300 Shotgun Mic:


2. VidPro XM-55 Shotgun Condensor Microphone Kit


3. Zoom H1 Audio Recorder


4. XLR (Female) to 1/8 Adapter


5. XLR Cable (Standard)


6. ALZO Transformer DSLR Camera Rig


7. Sunpak 30-Bulb LED Light


8. Francier Studio: Professional Heavy Duty Fluid Head Tripod


9. Logitech Surround Sound Speakers (Great Sound Quality & Input Options)

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  1. Switch on caption look at 1st words

  2. Can this use to smartphones?..like Asus smartphone..

  3. Hey Bob,

    what is your video settings currently in this video? Such as ISO, WB, etc.


  4. Those videos are well done young man. You're on your way; keep it up.

  5. GANZA Innocent (Robbot)

    thank you so much dude, you really inspired me, i made a list of all your gears i wanna get them too, would you mind give me some recommendation for the best video lenses?

  6. I have the VidPro 55 model kit as well, and it's not the best to me. It swivels a lot, even  when it's on the shoe mount tightened to capacity. I also had to film a speech for the Rotary Club in my area, and it stopped working. It wouldn't turn on or anything. Anyone have any other recommendations for good mics?

  7. Great stuff. What lens are you using for the video recording?

  8. Thanks for the video. I went to order the Tripod through your link but after going through all the ordering process I find that Amazon will not deliver to Australia.

  9. That background noise tho

  10. thank you for this and u did a great job in doing your presentation.
    I am already seeing that i will need to get more equipment's later o and it will e a great investment as i will like to do more quality video production work. Thanks to you

  11. Wish you the best of luck my friend…  Well done.

  12. This help me so much and u are sort of my " motivation to what I do thanks so much for the vid

  13. Very helpful video. Thanks a lot dude.

  14. you got your phantom power wrong phantom power is when the power is delivered by the board to the mic through the xlr not the other way around

  15. Love it! Awesome content! Can't wait to watch what else you guys come out with.

  16. Fantastic video thank you for being so detailed about the xlr cables too! 

  17. lav mic does so much better in this particular scenario and they are cheap. Good stuff though. (even better is saving some $ and invest in a pro level field recorder like the ones you mentioned, completely worth the investment for your sound quality. Sound is at least half of video)

  18. Thanks for the excellent and detailed run thru of the equipment you use AND the way you use it all put together. A huge thank you for NOT including removing everything from their original boxes. :-)

  19. Thanks a lot, this is a huge help.

  20. Use Magic Lantern on the 60D and other canon cameras – better sound (you can turn off auto gain with it) – tons of more options for video and photo

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