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Canon 1200D (Rebel T5) vs Nikon D3300 – Which one should you get?

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  1. Could you please tell men what is the name of the song?

  2. what is the music bro?

  3. Brother what lens did you use


  4. 18-55 mm ?

  5. bad moviemaker…!!!!  What a damage !!

  6. im thinking of getting the d3100 or d3200 as my first dslr. I've shot with film and am familiar with it because of school. Photography has always interested me especially street photography, nature, and cars. However, I am still a noobie and want to learn more about dslrs and how to play with the settings so later on I can know what settings to set for the right photo at that certain time of day, and a lot more. I did some research and many say that at first, it is a little bit hard to get used to the d3100/d3200 but when you do, its an awesome experience. Is it worth buying?

  7. Damn. Camera is sick. What song? 

  8. What program do you use to edit videos is the 55-200mm vr lense better for higher quality music videos??? Someone help me plz. 

  9. Music? 

  10. what lens are u using in this vid

  11. The AF could be faster, but it's plenty fast enough. When you dig deeper, you shockingly find that the D3200 has many advanced internal features from the highest-end cameras (D800 & F4).

  12. hey, i want to buy this camera for my youtube video's that my background is blurred.what do you think, could it reach ultimate sharpness of me and a fade effect from the background?

  13. ta vidéos et complétement flouter sa ressemble a rien dsl

  14. Thanks for your time Toddy

  15. Hey there man, Thank you so much for posting this, Really changed my opinion. 
    You just got a new subscriber buddy!

  16. Pictures are really vivid, great colors and much more closer to real colors of the environment, focusing is not different from D90 although is accurate and fast enough, it is very handy and much more lighter than D90 and handling is quite easy.

  17. It was filmed with the original lens, 18mm-55mm?
    Great images…

  18. hey dude love your vid

  19. Indeed what's the name of this beautiful piece of music ?!

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