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  1. So how does the battery pack work. Depletes one battery and automatically starts using the next one??

  2. Like your videos, man. Subscribed.

    Only thing i would say its pronounced like Nee-kon haha.

  3. where did you bougth it? eBay or something? i looking for one exacly like this, so if you can pass me ur contact will be great for me. thank you for ur time

  4. ordered mine and didnt fit properly. on ebay said it was for 5200 when i got it shipped it said 5300 and had to send it back

  5. i bought a meike for my canon 60D and when i saw the box sorprised me with a new looking boox, golden  

  6. Great information…without the comedy session like most have. Thanks

  7. how well does this perform/hold up over time?  ive seen reviews of other grips where people have said batteries need to be removed on occasion to reset the camera

  8. Hi, How do you remove it? I've just been donated a second hand D200 with the battery pack installed and I'd like to take it off, but can't work it out. Many thanks 

  9. GodBlessHipHop.com

    I got the one with the big dial, but it fits fine, and works well, you are right about the grip though, but its not that big of a deal!! Thanks for helping me get it on…

  10. How much weight does the battery grip add? 

  11. Too risky by removing the battery door?

  12. Battery grip is coming with 2 aftermarket batts 7,4 Volts each, but my original batt has 7,2 Volts. How bad is it for Cam?

  13. can you send me the link of where you got the battery?

  14. Yoandy Robaina Fuentes

    Can I use 2 battery whit different amperage?. For example One whit 1230 mAh and another one whit 2600 mAh. 

  15. can you please give me a link for the site in ebay for this 

  16. Do these grips need batteries? 

    by installing aftermarket battery grip does it remove the warranty of the dslr ?? does it harms my dslr ??

  18. How much did you buy it for? Do you use the side button a lot? It doesnt seem natural using the side button, I think the normal shutter button on top is more stable to use.

  19. Thanks, I will be watching all your other D5200 videos cause I just bought a refurb one.

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