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  1. does it have a mic input?

  2. thank you you are so helpful

  3. hello sir can you suggest me which would be better to buy nikon D5300 or nikon D7000.
    Usage: 1- beginner photography looking forward to a future in the field.
    2- have to capture videos for documentaries

  4. does nikon d5300 have a panorama effect too?

  5. I learn so much with this guy on Lynda.com!! XD

  6. Olympic Productions

    Does this have better video quality than the canon Rebel t5i?

  7. Good camera 

  8. Is it good for the beginners?

  9. Great camera!

  10. Good video

  11. ঈশা করিম (Esha Karim)

    This is D5200 with wifi and Gps

  12. I was hoping he'd shoot some portraits of the polygamists.

  13. Brilliant review! Is this Camera better than the Nikon D5200?

  14. i wish i could afford that nikon 5300

  15. u hadd a little short vacation with a mysterious lens.. haha.. wich lens did u use>>???

  16. Before you buy this camera.. I had the Nikon D5200, much like this, and I have some advice.

    I based my 1st DSLR camera purchase on a mix of price versus features, features meaning image quality. I actually read in a magazine that the D5200 was the BEST VALUE BEGINNERS DLSR, and I bought it on new ebay.

    If you really are an enthusiast I would encourage you not to get this camera. I had mine for 6 months and got rid of it out of frustration. If you are looking for a 1st camera, like I was, I would do at the start what I later had to do and go for the Nikon D7100.

    The reasons why: there are far fewer external controls on this camera. You will always be going through menus etc. and will either miss the shot or just not bother using the feature that will that this much time to change, the change back. All useful features are buried deep. You have to pay for the privilege to get external access to these features. But it is so worth it.

    Metering, ISO, Autofocus, are all features that cannot be accessed externally on the D5300 camera body. The image quality will be roughly the same as the D7100, but you will miss the shot, even if it's of your dog. If the D5300 had these 3 buttons it would be great. But it doesn't. People who buy DSLR's, especially their 1st DSLR expect to be able to control these things but with all Nikon cameras below the D7100 you get suckered into buying it with different add-on's that like wifi, gps and even image quality – all usefull.. BUT.. if you want control of your camera; what most new DSLR buyers expect they are buying; you have to go for the D7100. It can even use every lens since like 1970.

    I don't think that reviews and comparisons between these 2 cameras highlight enough the face that the D5300 has so few vital external controls. But like I said, you get what you pay for. 

    Get it 2nd hand for about the same price. That's my advice. D7100 – the best beginners camera and will last for years.

  17. Ryecon Productions

    Great camera! I have a 60d and its also a great camera

  18. Anyone know other dslr cams out there that are able to adjust aperture in live mode. I love that the 5300 can do 60fps @1080. Looking to use it for both pictures and a good amount of video editing. 

  19. very helpful. Well explained. Nice voice too. well done.

  20. Really helpful

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