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Nikon D7000 Why it’s Such a Great Camera

http://photofonz.com – See how the Nikon D7000 DSLR camera relates to the professional photographer and serious hobbyists and How this Nikon can help you create outstanding photographs.
Learn also about Nikon lenses and how they can help you take better photos and videos.
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  1. sir which one is best dslr camera to buy d5500 or d7000.

  2. Thank's. now i can know about nikon camra d7000.
    if u want to know about this camera. search on google.

  3. ‫ﺄﱟﺄسہٰہٰےد 'ۦ ﺄﱟﺄلہٰرۈۅﺄﱟﺄفہٰض 'ۦ‬‎


  4. Hello, I was wanting to get into photography and am thinking about which camera i should buy. I found that the Nikon D3200 is good for beginners. I want to get your take on which camera you think i should get. And canon or nikon? Perhaps you can give me a few tips if that's ok with you.
    Thank You.

  5. Kindly like & share this page. Thank you


  6. I have a chance to pick up a good used one for 600 bucks CDN. It has a shutter count of 27416 and I would be upgrading from a D3200

  7. Great review! I subscribed and will be checking out your videos,thanks!

  8. I have had the D7000 since it came out.  One issue I have, that really bugs me, is the focus on mine is off.  I have even done the adjustments on all my lenses in the tools menu and adjusted for fine focus on all of my lenses, which helped, but it still has focus issues, and tends to focus on the wrong thing or wrong part of the face in a portrait.  Any suggestions for this?  I want to love this camera, but I am all out of focus.

  9. Am i the only one who thinks that he looks like Liam Neeson ?

  10. Telling Fat to Fork Itself

    Thanks! Very informative and right to the features I was interested in using. Needed to upgrade from a bridge camera for an upcoming gig. Seems like it's a perfect mid-grade video production unit.

  11. shooting a d7100 now, i miss the buffer speed of RAW files on the D300s.

  12. +photofonz i'm a photographer with not much money i can get a Nikon d7000 with a 52mm wide, 52mm telephoto, 70-300mm kit and 18-55mm kit and other general gear for £589.95 (don't know what that is is usd) is this worth it

  13. Hi, do you prefer Canon dslr?

  14. I was recently asked about the attachment shown on the Nikon D7000. Here is the info: Attached is the Justrite Rotator which allows you to rotate the camera from horizontal to vertical with a flick of the wrist. This rotator along with the Justrite camera bracket was designed and is sold by Gary Justice (justritebracket.com). I believe it to be the best rotator & bracket available today. You can see more info on my YouTube video @: https://youtu.be/3hbNKd0cLGk

  15. Thank you for a great video! Would you let us know the handle attached to camere? I cannot find JustRite handle in amazon!

  16. hi i am into astrophotography and thinking of the D7000 upgrading from a D300 what would you think ??????

  17. Well with the price new in the box approaching $500 at some retailers….  I bought one.  And I sent it back…. and got another… and sent it back..  and the third I sent in to Nikon and told them to clean the oil off the sensor and get the dust out of the viewfinder…  a clean and caliberate I think they called it.  Anyway now its an awesome camera.  Hopefully this story will help anyone that gets a poorly caliberated or dirty camera new in the box.  If Nikon gets enough of these camera's back… maybe they will address the quality control issues. If your white balance is giving you green images…. or your focus is lousy….. send it in for caliberation.

  18. Do I need an extra lense

  19. the 200mm 2.8 lens is the better for this camera. it's my opinion

  20. What do you think of the nikon d7200? If buying a camera should I save money and just go for the 7100 or go for the 7200 which I can get for an ok price on ebay body only 

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