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Canon 1200D (Rebel T5) vs Nikon D3300 – Which one should you get?

Last week, we compared Nikon’s new top dog to Canon’s flagship DSLR with the help ...


  1. Will rent it next week for my first class.

  2. Great review, clear pictures and sound. Confirmed my interest in the Nikon D90.

  3. too bad you never made the focus.

  4. One thing for sure, I 'll never regret buying mine Great review by the way

  5. D3300 or D90? Which is better? Pls reply. :))

  6. can i use nikon d90 to ustream?

  7. Over SIX Years on and the lovely Nikon D90 can still cut it with DSLR cameras from 2014…Feel this lovely camera in your hands..Feel the NASTY Canon 550Din your hands…One feel right One does not!!. …NO CONTEST!!! Why do Canon try to scrimp on build quality…People in the know by Nikon…MORE CAMERA FOR YOUR MONEY..

  8. Very helpful since I have the d 100..d200 d 3200 and fugi s3. This review has encouraged me to make a simple investment for complicated situation

  9. Thanks for the review..I hv to purchase a camera but i am confused b/w D90 and D5200..D90 looks far better..Since i am a beginner, so i hv little bit hesitation in handling so much of functionalities with this one..thnx again for nice review..

  10. Carlos Bustamante Restrepo

    Great video. I also love my D90.

  11. what are your thoughts on the nikon d3200?

  12. Dancehall Etiquette(DHE)

    hey thanks a lot for your review. i get a NIKON D90 this month and i want to know if you can help me out to become a pro with this camera

  13. I'm trying to upgrade I've been doing photography for about 4 years now and my first camera was and still is the Nikon D3000. I'm still debating either to get the newer nikon d7100 or settle with the d90. What would you recommend. Thanks in advance!!!

  14. Awesome..! Thanks for the review! 😀 

  15. hoped you showed some pics or video 

  16. great review.

  17. hello  i want to buy a camera but im not sure which camera is better between canon 600D or nikon D90 plzzzz help meeee

  18. Great review. Thanks

  19. Just sold my 5100, cant wait to get the d90. Should I get the d90 with the 18-105mm lens or buy just the d90 body and buy a Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX Lens??

  20. Thank you for this brief, but informative overview. I am just now getting back into photography after more than thirty years of being behind the ball curve. I plan on making some REAL money with this and I could use all the help.that I can get.

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