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Nikon Df Hands-on Review

Not content with just the fine range of full-frame DSLRs such as the D600, D800, D800E and D4, Nikon has released this retro-ish DSLR – the Df (http://bit.ly/NikonDff) – with a design inspired by the classic Nikon FM cameras. This could potentially tug at the heartstrings of all those with a bit of sentiment for the cameras of old. But is this worth the similar-to-D800 price tag?

Pricing Reference:
Nikon DF: http://www.digitalrev.com/product/nikon-df-body/MTEwMjkzNQ_A_A
Nikon D800: http://www.digitalrev.com/product/nikon-d800-dslr-body/MTAwMDI5OA_A_A

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  1. Nikon should have made an upgrade parts for Nikon F3 that converts into a digital.

  2. thanks man!

  3. If it had a better 51pt AF, 1/8000 shutter, and 1/250 flash sync, I would get one.

  4. I've got a whole bunch of manual Nikkors, AI and pre-AI. And I love the Df exactly for that – it just takes all those lenses. Just like a twin of my F3.

  5. Arindom Ray Chaudhury

    Whenever, I watch your videos.. I keep my middle f***er up … Really pricky expressions…

  6. CapitalStreetPhotography

    It's so damn beautiful.

  7. Darren Abate Media

    I usually enjoy your videos but this was simply a bad review. Ten minutes of you acting like you're too cool for this camera. Yes, it's more expensive than it should be. Yes, the AF area should be a bit larger, but it's certainly never stopped me from being able to make a picture.

    I use a Df as a third body, backing up two D4's when I'm on assignment. There are a few very good reasons why I like the Df. It's a tiny, super-quiet, full-frame body that has a D4 sensor for superb low-light work. I will usually have either a 20-35/2.8 zoom or a 300/4E PF ED prime on the Df, mounted to my hip on a Cotton Carrier, meaning I can have a super-tele body that weighs next to nothing, doesn't get in the way, and is quiet enough to shoot plays and even funerals without disturbing the peace. I get the flexibility of three bodies while only having to "carry" two, because the Df is so diminutive. For me, it's more suited to my work than the D610 (which I also used to own) because it's smaller and has a matched sensor to my two main D4 bodies. As an added bonus, it's the only digital Nikon that can use any lens from 1959 to present, so all my cool old Nikkor glass is still relevant. The only other body that can boast that ability is the F4, but not even that great camera can use the new G lenses with manual functionality. Additionally, I've never had any problem focusing the Df manually with old glass, but maybe that's because I grew up using manual-focus film cameras, so I'm practiced at doing the work. I can understand why it would be difficult for P-Mode Prodigies to get the hang of it. Is the Df perfect? Of course not, but it's a lot better than you're giving it credit for.

  8. "Dumb f*ck,douche f*ck,da f*ck?"

  9. Dials for dayssss

  10. ATG Sony A7s II, ATG Sony A7s II IR and Sony A7R II will be out soon.

    ATG A7s II series are available by referral only.
    Meaning it's for working professionals that don't mind paying for over $8K to get photos and 4K with built-in stabilizer on camera body.
    Meaning one doesn't have to buy or need overpriced Atomos Shogun.

    Nikon had 4 years to make what the world like to use and didn't.
    No Nikons ever can do 4K.
    Nikon D4s and this DF have loud shutter.
    Can not park ATG/Carl Zeiss/Schneider/Leica/Red/Canon Cine/Olympus/Pentax/Samyang lenses.

    This DF is as fat as the big battleship of the dying Pocket Wizard FLEXTT5.

    ATG/Sony will be hurting Canon & Nikon photographers as well as C&N.
    There are more beginners, senior citizens to semi-pro photographers would rather dump C&N and carry light equipment.

    Nikon DF is a real failure just the Nikon F6.
    If you can't make a product that the beginners (consumers) don't want, DO NOT make them.

  11. It's like Windows 8!  A mishmash of old and new in a package that emphasizes the bad parts of both.


    Guys please help me to buy my first DSLR with just a $5 donation: http://www.gofundme.com/w4cqh7fc4

  13. mooi dit

  14. I think it looks ugly. If Nikon want yo make a pure photography camera, why not just spend all the money on the sensor and the processor and just leave us with manual controls and maybe a light meter and maybe make it as light as possible. Why not go back to the drawing board and first decide what made the old cameras so great and so fondly remembered rather than worrying. About the asthetics. 

  15. I do think it would be great with a movable lcd screen, if it would be possible to move it all the way around and leave it hidden against the back of the camera. This way it would not scratch when I don't need it, and I could pretend that it is not there. One of the really nice things using my FM2 is that I never get distracted by the pictures and all the info on the screen. For me this would make the camera feel more like a real camera and not a computer device.

    I also really don't understand why Nikon didn't put a better focusing screen in the DF. Some kind of split image or even better find a way to implement focus peaking technology into the optical system. I have a nice collection of old AIS glass that I would like to use on my future DF. I find it more than challenging to focus my 50 1.2 or 85 1.4 with my current Nikon dslr. 

    Video, nah, that really is not pure photography. Nikon already makes good cameras for video. I hope they keep the DF line as pure as possible.

  16. nikon a canon chaser????
    are you serious?
    nikon is way ahead of canon!

  17. young pups need to learn film  before starting digital photography let alone critiquing a camera like this.  damn hipsters.

  18. I just LOOOOVE how you have both cameras at the edge waiting to fall into the water ha ha. Years ago you had a 1D Mark IV I think, perched precariously on the edge of a wall on the rooftop of a building in another one of your reviews lol

  19. Kai's review of the Df was harsh, a thousand times yes. But he's right, for the most part, Nikon fucked up with the dial/button layout (imho). If you shoot manual, or even aperture priority, The Df is frustrating to shoot on the street. And it's way too expensive. You are essentially paying so much money for a gimmick. Be that as it may, I only had the camera for a week–so I don't know, maybe its better when you get familiar with the layout. :/

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