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Nikon Lens Recommendations for New Nikon DSLR Owners

A lot of people just starting out with DSLR cameras ask what lenses I recommend. Here’s my recommendations for Nikon DSLR cameras.

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  1. Nathaniel Morada (Kristhan)

    Hi sir! I just bought a Nikon D5300. Any lense recommendations for an architectural photography? Also landscape photography. Thanks!

  2. +artoftheimage i just bought myself a nikon d3200 with the kit lens . however i would like to get some really close macros of plants and nature what lens would you recommend for this? or can i use the kit lens? thanks for your time

  3. I have a nikon d5500, looking for a good telephoto lens ideal for wildlife photography… Please suggest…
    Also i have a canon 760D(T6s) suggest one for this one too please.

  4. I want a zoom lens for nikon d5200, less in price but excellent pic quality

  5. Please help I am buying Nikon DSLR D3300 I look at the lens the take my friend space is there any lens can take the whole body?

  6. what do you think about sigma 17-70 on d5200 will it work ?

  7. Can someone guide me for selecting in between 55 to 200 and 55 to 300 mm lenses ?

  8. Do you recommend the 35mm 1.8g with the Nikon d7100? :) 

  9. I have a D5200. Can you recommend me a lens? Is the NIKKOR 55-200mm f/4-5.6G good for my D5200?

  10. Best Counselling Mumbai

    please help me..

    i lost my nikon d7100 with 18-105 lens ( got stolen)

    i want to buy a new dslr and lens.. my total budget is around 2500 dollars

    i currently own the following lenses- 50mm 1.8D , tamron 90mm macro , 35mm 1.8g dx

    i also own elinchrom lights kit frx 400 , 3 third party speedlights, stands, umbrella etc

    my type of photography is table top products , food, studio/ natural portraits/candids.  i dont do events or weddings

    please help me which dslr and lens to buy in my budget… $2500

  11. I had a 40mm prime on my canon, not sure what to buy for our new Nikon

    If you have a 35mm prime, would you really take it out for the 18-55 kit? Why not shoot with the prime instead?

  12. Its not bokah its bokeh

  13. I have nikon 3100, what is the suitable ugraded lens for me? what it is called?

  14. I have the Nikon D 3100 and i want to make some nice video footage.I know its not the best camera for video but i would like to invest in a good lens so i can work with it and make some advertising video footage of some hotels.What lens do you suggest me to buy?

  15. Thanks for the clear, no nonsense presentation.. cheers..

  16. I bought Nikon D3200, but when I capture, it is not clear.
    So, which is the best len to use with it?

  17. Bokah?? You mean bokeh ?

  18. thank you for the video, which ens do think will perform better on a D80? the 55-300vr or the 70-300vr?

    Thank you,

  19. I have a d3100 and i am looking for a longer reach plase if anyone can help me if the 70-00 vr would work with the d3100

  20. should i just throw away my d5100 because hardly anyone talks about that camera or whats good for it lol  

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