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Nikon vs Canon DSLR Cameras

Nikon vs Canon DSLR Cameras

Nikon vs Canon DSLR Cameras. http://youtu.be/cBF6JPP42d0 Many Photographers whether Nikon or Canon DSLR cameras are better and why. I usually hate these kind of debates because they don’t account for user preference and situations and become about Fanboys and Fangirls believing their choice is better.

You Should choose the DSLR Camera you feel most comfortable with. My advice is to choose a DSLR Camera system that many of your friends and more experienced people around you have so you can get advice and borrow compatible equipment.

In this video I will cover some of the advantages and disadvantages that both Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras have to offer at the entry level to pro level cameras and lenses.

Here are some Nikon and Canon DSLR Camera Deals on Amazon:

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Nikon D610 DSLR Camera http://amzn.to/1ugv4r0
Nikon D750 DSLR Camera http://amzn.to/1yMoKxC
Nikon D810 DSLR Camera http://amzn.to/12nOK5M

Canon T5i DSLR Camera http://amzn.to/133o23t
Canon 70D DSLR Camera http://amzn.to/1wczHpY
Canon 7D Mark II DSLR Camera http://amzn.to/1vKx4wU
Canon 5D Mark III DSLR Camera http://amzn.to/1D42jYY

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  1. In my opinion Nikon as better image quality then the Canon…The colors are more vibrant then the Canon….But the Canon is a mush faster camera…

  2. Hi there Rb,

    As you know its 2015, in fact its about to end so I have a questions that which brand and model should I buy now. I have a budget of $400 to $500?

    I personally like Canon but I'm still confused so I need your advise :)

    I just want to buy camera because I like photography, I don't want to start career in photography..

    I hope you understood what I'm trying to say lol

    Looking forward to your response. Thanks

  3. Canon 5Ds /5Dsr  = Game Over to any comparation ! The king of kings…Short Follow by…SONY 7R mark II … Nikon D810… But what Canon did with with 5Ds is…a Game Changer/concurence distruction !!!

  4. Nikon 5500 or Canon t6s ? 

  5. DSLR are old fashion camera. the SLR was born because the old cameras were ranger finder. to correct the ranger finder view error, the SLR was born. that have been many years back.
    Now the most advance is mirror less camera. it is small , no flipping  mechnical mirror, no mirror bounce, no shutter bounce. You can see the affects before pressing the shutter. unlike DSLR .It is name as pro DSLR because it can take the beating of news photographers. Sony mirror less camera are selling well because they are cheap.
    finally in this years 2015 there is no point getting a very expensive camera because in a year that camera will get outdated. The leica was showing a video in how they hand shape the Leica camera. it seem silly to me because it is going to get outdated in a years. why waste so much time in shaping the camera body?

  6. I thought I will be getting a one sided answer here. It turned out to be just one of the many videos I have already seen. Kind of Neutral. How about your personal preference? If you are to choose just one system – Canon or Nikon?

  7. hey +Roberto Blake which would you recommend the Canon t5i or the Nikon D5200, i want a camera to help me with videos and photos for my blog :) thanks

  8. Nikon Vs Canon and the Truth About Choosing Cameras.

    #Photography #Canon #Nikon #DSLR  

  9. hi, roberto i want to buy a dslr camera which should buy? canon t5 or nikon d3200

  10. Sandeep Krishnan (Sandy)

    good review

  11. Thank you for your information snd can you please which is good nikon d3200 or canon 600d

  12. Nikon Vs. Canon DSLR Cameras.
    Not a Debate but some tips on Pros and Cons of Each.
    #DSLR #Photography #DSLRcamera #DSLRvideo

  13. You so helpful

  14. Canon diffidently seams to have more popularity on the web which helps when finding helpful information but in the end I choose the Nikon d5300 over the comparable Canon t5i because of the features that were important to me. It also has an articulating screen and even though its not touch screen I really like the interactive interface. It has more megapixels more focal points, higher ISO, bigger sensor and almost twice the battery life. The WiFi makes it so I can control the camera and upload pictures though my phone. With the 18-200 vr lens it does everything I want. #Nikon  

  15. I think Canon has the slight edge in terms of lenses and accessories. I find it easier to find stuff for Canon than Nikon in the third party realm. More people I know shoot Canon too which makes it easier for us to borrow lenses and so on.

    I think we're in the mid cycle of Canon too right now. They seem to release things mid way through Nikon's release cycle which explains why they're "behind" in some areas. It always happens. Canons new stuff will jump ahead of Nikons respective models in that range, then when Nikon release their new stuff the same will happen again. It's just the way it is.

    It's all down to you at the end of the day as you say. Go with what you prefer or the brand that's easier to get lenses and accessories for. I personally think the L series lenses are better than Nikkor in their respective focal range etc, especially the 70-200 2.8 IS MkII. That's pretty much the best lens of its kind from any manufacturer if you ask me. It's an incredibly sharp bit of glass throughout the entire range with next to no distortions of any kind.

  16. The truth about choosing between #Nikon and #Canon cameras. 

  17. When choosing between #Nikon and #Canon cameras there are a few things you need to think about…

  18. Roberto Blake Graphic Designer and Art Director

    The truth about #Nikon vs #Canon #DSLR cameras and how you choose between them. http://buff.ly/1rMH4of #photography

  19. Mourad “MOMO” Mokrane

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