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Photography Tips, Essential Skills, Quickly Transform Your Photos, by Karl Taylor

Photography Tips, Essential Skills, Quickly Transform Your Photos, by Karl Taylor

Photography tips revealed by professional photographer Karl Taylor. This knowledge will probably change the way you plan your photography composition from now on!

If you’re looking for a beginners photography course, something similar to a ‘photography for dummies’ approach, but also expect a high quality of knowledge delivered understandably – then look no further! This insight into Karl Taylor’s photography masterclass photography training course is the perfect starting point for any photography newbie.

Karl Taylor’s expert knowledge and unique approach to teaching quickly demystifies any questions you may have about photography and cameras. Once you’re armed with this knowledge be prepared to get creative, fall back in love with your DSLR camera and start taking great photos.

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  1. I love exploring nature, keep it rolling!

  2. Great video! Can you tell me what bag and tripod you used in this video thank you have a wonderful day.

  3. What Lens is he using ?

  4. Notice how google, who has a no SPAM policy added a SPAM banner ad into this clip?  Hypocrites!

  5. Jason Statham now a photographer?

  6. i am a professional photographer just give me good camera like nikon D800E

  7. So beautiful

  8. What number of ND filter did you use on the beach ? Thank you.

  9. M. J. Tibor (Audio Visual Art)

    Hello all! 

    I would like to request an advice. I want to purchase a Pentax K-30 or Pentax K-50, i haven't decided yet. Also i would like to know what kind of lens should i buy for it? Should i go for the standard lens available in the kit or purchase one that i am interested in (all-round lens):

    Pentax smc Pentax-DA 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 ED SDM Lens

    So my question is which of those two cameras would be more suitable and should i go for the standard lens in the kit (18-55mm WR + 50-200mm WR) or an all-round one? 

    The point is i want to be able to shoot any kind of photos and mostly uploading them on stock photography sites, participate in contests and so. However, i want to know if the all-round lens worth the purchase as in image quality. 

    Thank you all!

  10. Simowel Del Casern

    sounds like i found what i was looking for

  11. nice tutorial. would be nice to have a look at photo of sea

  12. Where do you live? So beautiful…. 

  13. This guy is like the Steve Irwin of photography.

  14. What tripod are you using here?

  15. This was incrediablly helpful! Thank you!

  16. Best Counselling Mumbai

    please help me..

    i lost my nikon d7100 with 18-105 lens ( got stolen)

    i want to buy a new dslr and lens.. my total budget is around 2500 dollars

    i currently own the following lenses- 50mm 1.8D , tamron 90mm macro , 35mm 1.8g dx

    i also own elinchrom lights kit frx 400 , 3 third party speedlights, stands, umbrella etc

    my type of photography is table top products , food, studio/ natural portraits/candids.  i dont do events or weddings

    please help me which dslr and lens to buy in my budget… $2500

  17. It's connecting fine now, thanks.  Not sure what happened before.  I'm in the uk and using chrome.

  18. Very good 5 star from Isle of Wight

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