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Photography Tutorial 1 (Fundamentals)

A brief rambling explaining the three fundamentals of photography. APERTURE, SHUTTER SPEED and ISO or FILM SPEED. This is the first of a planned series of video tutorials about photography….


I have posted many more videos as well as created a DVD of my “Photography Tutorial” Series and I am working on even more videos.


This is an extremely informative learning tool created by 10 year photographer Robert Vasquez out of Southern California. Robert is an EXTREMELY CANDID, ENTERTAINING and most importantly EFFECTIVE teacher. Gain years of knowledge and expand on your art by ordering MASTERY OF PHOTOGRAPHY ESSENTIALS

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  1. really clear explaination! Thanks

  2. love your videos. any suggestions on any books to read for reference?

  3. Ciao!
    I'm planning to buy a new dslr. But my problem is that what brand I will choose. I'm just 19 years old and a beginner but I love photography all of my life. Can you suggest what brand and model of a dslr can you prefer to use? Grazie mille! 

  4. it was really helpfull thanx for video=)

  5. cut ur beard and hair..
    just kiddin…. very informative and nice video.. answers qt a lot of my doubts.. cheers !!

  6. Great lesson. Thank you very much bro!

  7. Thanks, your photography tutorials are the best I have come across

  8. Thank you for your tutorials. You're a godsend!!!!!!!!

  9. Great video, very informative and personable. Subscribed

  10. Thanks …my first understanding of how it works…

  11. Andres “CadazzReborned” Cadungog

    Great stuff for a starter!
    Watch to learn the basics!

  12. Andres “CadazzReborned” Cadungog

    This is the only video I've seen that really answers my questions about the basics of photography.
    Thanks for the video man, keep us posted for more!

    Peace yow!

  13. Hey dude. This was a great explanation. Could you help on lens choice please. I'm wanting to do car photography (not-moving)
    What lens do you recommend I get 1st. I have an 18-55mm f3.5-5.6.
    Thanks in advance bud

  14. Great job buddy !!

  15. Lovely tutorial – happy and enthusiastic :) all the things you would need from a teacher to make learning so much easier!

  16. Subbed, really excellent job 

  17. Photography Tutorial and the quality very low 

  18. super helpful 

  19. Great video! I really like your very clear no-nonsense explanations that anyone can easily understand. Great job!

  20. You made it less scary.  Keep it up!  Thanks.  

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