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Photography Tutorial – ISO Made Easy

Photography Tutorial - ISO Made Easy

Understand the mysteries of ISO: when to change it and when to leave it alone.

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Joshua Cripps is a full-time landscape photographer living near Yosemite National Park in California. His recent work includes the worldwide marketing campaign for the Nikon D750 camera.

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All photos, text, and video are copyright Joshua Cripps. Any use without my express written permission is really not cool, man.
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  1. Thanks. Very helpful to me. I was into photography many years ago but I left it alone for a while because I got a headache from terms like the ones you addressed in this video. Man, I wish I had this video around years ago. I'm finally getting back into it and this time I'm having more fun thanks to videos like yours on You tube. I'm shooting with a Sony A77 now.

  2. The opening is hilarious.
    The video is of course great. :)

  3. For how simple you make everything, you take some amazing photos. It's awesome

  4. You must not really be a pro, that video was not nearly complex enough. Now everyone is going to want to be a photographer!! Thanks for the clear, concise and cool video…

  5. does sony xperia has got these features

  6. What does it mean by "Native Setting"?

  7. I really want to be a photographer.

  8. What an awesome video! Great channel!

  9. I really like your videos and share them with camera club friends, some of whom have yet to master basic camera skills. These lessons help a lot in a funny, informal style. Keep them coming please.

  10. You are really really good, wow, easy but extremely effective explanation!

  11. I Discovered your chanel accidentally, and watched one of your videos and found it not only very informative but the I had a good laugh at your Zany humour and Special fx

    Please keep it up —- we need more good videos like these

  12. João Maria Vasconcelos Fontes de Barros Taveira

    Interoscilating Systematized Oppopotamus, WHAT THE *UCK?! +Professional Photography Tips, are you totally out of your mind, insane, or what…

  13. I thought ISO stand for International Standardization Organization 

  14. I just love your work.its amazing and I'm learning a lot with your videos.
    Thanks a lot a keep going with your amazing work.☺

  15. Very Helpful

  16. You are not boring, this vídeos are amazing! 

  17. didnt know where to ask this or how to contact you….but i wanna ask…..my sensor the last 2 days was dirty so i tried cleaning it but i managed to make it worse….is there a way to clean it with household items? or do i have to buy smth? i ordered a pen and a blower but they will be late……should i take my camera to someone to clean it o.O ….aaaah dont know what to do! it's the first time that this is happening! :'(

  18. Wow man You are the best….. thnnxx.. 

  19. Just wondering why Auto ISO resorts to ISO400 when using Flash most of the time? thanks

  20. 50 secs in…nothings happened yet…bye

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