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Portrait Photography Tutorial: Shooting Outdoors in Natural Light [PART 1/3]

In this tutorial I show you a few ways of how to shoot portraits outdoors with simple natural light!

Part 2 will be up next week. In Part 2 I will show you how I retouch and edit a photo from this shoot!


Go to ebay/amazon, and then search things like “teardrop crystal chandelier” “large teardrop crystal” and then a bunch should come up! make sure to check the size and see if it’s at least an inch or two, so it’s not super tiny. good luck :)

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  1. can you make a video on how to change the settings in a canon, i just got mine and I'm not really got at changing anything but the modes lol


  3. Hi! :) Thank you for all those clever tips!
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    This concept is amazing!

  4. Wow, very creative!!! It turned out beautifully :)

  5. I always use autofocus with my shoots. It just saves me a lot of time.

  6. Hi, what's stuff did you use at 3:30. Look like a mirror right?

  7. thats not a good portraits..

  8. I've watched this whole "natural light" series, very helpful and informative. A question as I have is as a beginner do you think it's necessary to buy a flash or is it enough to practice my photography in natural light outdoors? 

  9. Which camera u using ???

  10. With a simple softbox you wold get amazing portraits. With just natural light you got really great results. I liked that trick of shooting with that piece of glass in front of the lens to get that effect. Great job

  11. Thanks Jessica. Enjoyed watching your video bc of your upbeat personality.
    Video wasn't boring. 

  12. Who was the model? 😀 Awesome video. Loved it :)

  13. wow those photos you took were really beautiful..

  14. Nicely done Jessica. Love what you are doing. 

  15. omg this is such a good idea!! Never thought of putting a flower in front of camera to create a fading effect! 

  16. you are now the reason im officially uploading videos right now and pushing my youtube :)

  17. haha sweet that you give back the flower to the tree ! :) …. great vid and wonderful tricks, thankyou so much !

  18. Thank you for new ideas ; )

  19. Could be better with flash gun.

  20. Im 12 and a photographer…. you taught me a lot about photography and I love watching your tutorials!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

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