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Recommended Lenses for Nikon D5200/D5300/D5500/D7100 (DX Cameras)

An overview of the best lenses for crop sensor Nikon Cameras D5200, D5300, D5500, D7100, D7200. These cameras have excellent sensors and produce better images with better lenses.

All Lenses Discussed in Video – http://photorec.tv/2013/07/bestnikonlensesdx/

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My Recommendations:
Best Advanced Point and Shoot [Sony RX 100 Mark III] http://geni.us/RX100MIII
Best entry level photo DSLR [Nikon D5300] http://geni.us/D5300w18to140
Best entry level photo/video DSLR [Canon T5i (700D)] http://geni.us/Canon700D
Best all around mirrorless [Sony a6000] http://geni.us/sonya6000
Best Semi-Pro DSLR for Photo/Video [Canon 70D] http://geni.us/Canon70D
Best video camera [Panasonic GH4] http://geni.us/panaGH4

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Zoom H4n Audio http://geni.us/ZoomH4n

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Canon T5i 18-55 lens http://geni.us/Canon700D
40mm f/2.8 lens http://geni.us/Canon40mm
Lav Mic Audio http://geni.us/ATlavmic

For Wedding Photography:
Camera [Canon 5D Mark III] http://geni.us/5DMarkIII
lens [Canon 24-70 f/2.8 USM Mark II] http://geni.us/Canon24to70
Lens [Sigma ART 50mm f/1.4] http://geni.us/Sigma50mmART
Lens [Canon 70-200 f/2.8 IS US Mark II] http://geni.us/Canon70to200
Flash [Canon 600RT] http://geni.us/Canon600RT
Watch – what’s in my wedding bag: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irxrIpcO9R8

Best Prime Lens:
Cheap Portraits [Canon 50mm f/1.8] http://geni.us/canon50mm
Walk Around Prime [Canon 24mm EF-S] http://geni.us/Canon24mm

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  1. I like to take close ups of flowers, what's a good lens for that? (I have the d5200)

  2. I think, i want to get into astrophotography, after i bought my first DSLR (probably the D5200). Should i buy a cheap telezom lens, and turn the shutter speed down (to a few seconds), or would the image still be too dark? 

  3. hello !!! wish is better option for my first dslr camera Nikon 7100 or 7200 or 5500 and what is better a kit with lenses or just the body and wish is the basic lenses !!!!!!!! thanks

  4. Hey Toby,

    Really appreciate your videos! I have a quick question, I have the Nikon D5300 with a Sigma 18-35mm f/ 1.8 lens and am interested in getting another lens for mainly street/architectural photography. Would it make sense to get a 35mm prime lens? Or would you recommend going for the 50 mm?


  5. I'm a Canon man and recently purchased a Nikon D5500. I only have a limited budget and would like a telephoto around 18mm or 24mm upwards. What would you recommend? I've heard the Nikon AF-S 18-70mm f3/5-4.5 G IF ED DX is a decent lens?

  6. Hey!
    I am a dentists and my needs with dental photography are very well lit close up shots of teeth and gums. I am planning to buy Nikon D5200. What lens should I buy along with that to get good macro images. I go very close to the subject so many times there is also a need to diffuse the flash or use a ring flash. What sort of armament do you suggest for this purpose? 
    I have seen a lot of your videos and they are very helpful.
    By the way, I could not find you on facebook.

  7. I have a D5300 and i love my 50mm f1.8

  8. And if i want good macro lens but i already have 35 mm f/1.8g. what lens should i buy? Tamron 60mm macro maybe?

  9. Help lol i have a nikon d5000 and im after a all around lens ( 18-135-18-200 ) what is in your opinion on a £300 budget the best to help my camera shine many thanks for any help 

  10. hi, a wanna ask if I chose the right camera for me, I'm a college student, fine arts majors in advertising. I have a photography class and my dad bought me a Nikon d5200, I'm not a beginner in using a dslr I've already used one before, I already had my hands on a canon 1000d so I'm familiar with the camera settings and how to play with it. So back to my question, is it ok for me? The Nikon d5200. I watched your other video comparing the d5200 with the d5300 it kinda made me regret having the d5200 in terms of how fast it captures images. Hope you can help, thanks.

  11. Help me I have Nikon D5300 with one lens … however when i record a video or taking a shot it is too dark … the video is little black to shiny … even i tried different lights / outside the home in the sun ,, What good lens do you recomment

  12. I have a Nikon D7100 and wanted to buy a good lens for weddings.  I talked to someone at B&H photo and it was suggested the Sigma 24-70.  I love it except for shooting higher apertures.  I have tried different focal points and not sure if it is just not compatible with my camera or if there is just something missing on my part.  Wish I would have watched your video before buying my lens, so disappointed with it.  Sandy

  13. Hello Thank you so much for this video , I am starting with wedding photography and I'll appreciate your advice , I own a nikon  D7100 with a 50 mm 1.8 prime lenses but I am having problems with the apace at some of the churches for which the 50 mm 1.8 is not very handful due to the crop factor of my camera  . Will you recommend the Tamron 17-70 for wedding photography ?

  14. If your not fussed about AF and you want to do portraits go for the Tamron 70-210/80-210. It can be found for around £10-£20 on eBay and with a £10 adapter it can fit any body and if you want to use it on a Canon (nooooooooo!) you just need to buy the adaptall adapter for Canon. Don't bother for nature though as lack of AF and VR makes it practically useless.

  15. Does the Sigma 17-70 have a focus motor built in the lens?

  16. I'm planning on buying a Nikon d5200 camera, I'm a noob. I'm trying to do short films and music videos. Which will be the cheapest best lens to have? 

  17. Which better for my d5200 Sigma 17-50mm F2.8 EX DC OS HSM Nikon or Nikon 18-140mm for general use,family and travel for best image quality and video.

  18. Hello Toby, would you also recommend the Tokina 11-16 f/2.8 for indoor architectural photographs?  I have a Nikon 5200 and want to make sure I am getting a compatible lens with built in motor, etc.  Thank you.

  19. What is a great and sharp wide angle lens for Landscape, shooting the stars etc? I have a Nikon D5200 Thanks

  20. i didnt understand anything :( is there a good lens for landscapes/ shooting the stars and photography??

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