This is my comparison between the new Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. the Canon 70D prosumer DSLR.

Both cameras are set to automatic, so they are comparable and I have used the 18 – 135mm kit lens on the Canon as this would be the first lens as a average consumer would probably have it on their 70D.

I have also done some lowlight shots so you can see how both cameras perform in low light situations.


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  1. I already have the S6 Edge. But I was thinking the other day if I should buy another DSLR camera. But this video just proved to me that I don't need it lol

  2. what cam u used to record ya self

  3. s6 is better

  4. Well, according to this video, S6 gives pretty good results, even under the low light condition, it is fairly sharp and the image looks good.
    Now, you should consider that it's not the best canon's lens, and the image still looks awesome.
    You should also consider that there are more possibilities while shooting RAW on camera, if you are not lazy to do a post production.
    For a full result, you should also compare some other stuff, maybe photography or so. I believe that dSLR will give you far more better results (sensor is larger, you may change your lenses etc.) and if you shoot it RAW, I believe that dSLR will have a huge win over S6

    In conclucion, S6 gives a pretty good results for a smartphone, but try to shoot wedding with S6, I don't believe that you will do good, especially if you consider stuff like the extra batteries, SD cards and changeable lenses on dSLR, while shooting with dSLR gives you endless possibilities and works well in all kinds of situations (weddings, street photography, landscapes, portraits) you just need to invest a large amount of money in lenses.

  5. So you buy a 999$ camera for about 15% improvement over your smartphone camera. If you are a professional am sure there is many aspects the 70D is better than the S6. but for an average user with birthday parties and family moments in trips. just save your money and don't buy any compact or DSLR. your iPhone or Galaxy or whatever is perfect for those moments.

  6. The problem with the S6 and I think most smartphones? Is that the footage wobbles/shakes a bit. Why does this happen and is there any way to fix this?

  7. I have to say S6 is pretty impressive with overall quality for a phone with a smaller sensor than the camera but has almost same detail except zoom etc. Probably one of the best camera phone on the market at the moment.

  8. Is the S6 VERY impressive? Absolutely. But better than the 70D? Absolutely NOT. Come on people, if you're saying this you very clearly don't know cameras. It is simple, if two people took a picture of the same scene with the S6, they would get the same picture. If two people took a picture of that scene with a 70D, they can be completely different. Due to the many more options you get in the DSLR. Its in a way like comparing Android to Apple. One does everything for you and hopes its good, the other allows you to do what you want to get the most. 

    – DAYTIME picture of these two side by side, yes it will be close. The S6 will actually even look better, as there is automatically post processing done to the photo in the phone. BUT, if you want to do any real photography where post processing to your personal style is needed, the S6 is going to leave you very dissatisfied
    – NIGHTTIME pictures won't even be close. The sensor in the 70D is so much bigger letting in tons more light and allowing you to get a clean picture/video without the ugly noise the S6 will give. In this video, they may have been comparable (aside from the noise) but that is because the 18-135mm lens stops down to only f3.5 where as the S6 is f1.9. So the S6 was able to let in more light. BUT, this is comparing the S6 to a cheap kit lens. If you put even a cheap 100$ 50mm 1.8 on the 70D, it wouldn't even be close!
    -SHARPNESS isn't really comparable and to see why, look below
    -The 70D only gets better from this kit lens. Put a decent lens on, and the color, sharpness, fstop (light which cancels noise) and just overall quality will be substantially better.

  9. Compare them both while shooting wildlife and then you will see the difference :)

  10. Fernando Lima Gama Junior

    Where is this oceanarium?

  11. Oye man, S6 did really well.. Amazing stuff here.. Thanks for that review Keep it up!

  12. Canon still better. Even with a slow and unsharp lens.

  13. The S6 is just too amazing

  14. as i know this is the only guy who compared smartphone with dslr camera.in youtube really great job

  15. phone > dslr

  16. at 5:16 the s6 video jumps every few frames plus the color is a bit oversaturated at times
    and it obviouslt cant soom 
    but other than that its incredible for a puny smartphone

  17. Which program do you use to Render and what settings are used for rending the videos? Thank you for all the great videos so far! :)

  18. clearly better image on the dslr….  not enough to justify having a bulky camera with out tho…
    and the S6 has better OS it seems.

  19. For a cell phone the camera is amazing . 

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