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Fashion, Glamour, Modeling, Posing, and Lighting Photography Tutorial (outtakes @ 15:00)

Fashion, Glamour, Modeling, Posing, and Lighting Photography Tutorial (outtakes @ 15:00)

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  1. can you share link for buying this finger led light? thanks!

  2. I like your idea and your video.

  3. this kind of effects will workout for filming?

  4. What type of camera? Can i usey iphone and just take a regular picture?

  5. Lol @leg sleeves

  6. LOCATION ::: Swimming pool

  7. do you have an instagram?

  8. What camera setting do you use 

  9. LOL just kidding.

  10. My moms wants her f@#$ing wisk back, yo!!!!

  11. steel wool comes from steel sheep =P i learned that in school

  12. in a canoe, on a lake 10mins after sunset in the rocky mountains

  13. Bring it Around Town!!

  14. Quahadah 814CK5T4R

    I'm going to try this in a pond with no wind and calm water. Bet the reflection will be sick!

  15. I found that setting the focus to manual infinity worked just fine!

  16. Lol sounds like your phone was receiving a text message or call at the time of 204

  17. Maybe somebody else mentioned this, but PLEASE, no video of idiots with the lit wisk in their mouths or other orifices.  Otherwise it'll be like Charlie Daniels song Unezy Rider; you'll be steppin and fetchin, like your head is on fire and ass is ketchin.

  18. Been doing fireworks and sparklers for nearly 40 years and this is some  really cool stuff!!  Knew since I was  kid that steel wool burns, but never thought of doing this.  Very impressive – Very soon the sparks will fly at my place and there'll be a hot time in the old town tonite!

  19. I noticed that in some of your shots the color of the sparks are white and other times are orange.  Is this the result of the WB you choose? 

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