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Canon 1200D (Rebel T5) vs Nikon D3300 – Which one should you get?

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  1. how does the 7000 stack up to the 7100?

  2. I don't know if you will see this or not but how much would you pay for a D700 with only 8k shutter count with a mb-d10 with 4 batteries. The guy selling it is local and is asking $800.

  3. I bought my D700 in 2008 winter, and it's still going and going. i shoot average $I've used D70, D80, D200, and D600, and D610. The best part i think it's the battery life, and then the durability, and also the color rendering just fantastic. lol… low light is fantastic as well. I'd buy this over Nikon D800/810 or D600/610, or D750, and everything below these camera grade. why? because overal it's just better all around. less megapixel doesn't mean less quality at all. D610 or 810 just takes more spaces in your files.

  4. ‫פרדי מולי‬‎

    i fu*@#ing love you dude!

  5. +Theoria Apophasis I'm So close to buying the d700 but the only thing stopping me is the no video, if i may ask what kind of video gear do you use?? I swear this will be the last last question for loong while.

  6. YeahBitchIndustries

    i've got a D700, a 20mm 1.8G, 50mm 1.8G and a 85mm 1.8G. i'm never gonna sell any of these

  7. Hey, i found a D700 (body only) on ebay. Its in a really good shape and has 2k shutter count only. But here is the thing: its about 850 EUR = 930 $. Other bodys with lots more shutter counts sell on an equal price here in germany as well. Do you think thats a good price? Or should i wait for a newer fx model, so that the D750 or the D800e reduce in price?

    Thanks for your awesome videos man.

  8. Found one at a local camera store. It had 17k shutter count came w/ battery grip/extra battery and charger. Was super clean. I came home and started using it and right then and there I knew that the $800 I spent on it was the best investment I could have made. I am in love with this camera. I am also not addicted to buying older nikon lenses. I have compared my photos to some of those the other girls in my club have taken and they are just as crisp and bright as the others. My gear costs pennies on the dollar less then theirs. This guy knows what he is talking about and any photog on a budget (or any photog in general) needs to listen to him on his advice.

  9. Miguel Gutiérrez-Ravé Pereda

    I sold all my Canon Gear in order to buy the D750, then I saw this video…man this monday I am going to recieve my D700 for 700€, sooooooooo so grateful seriously. Thanks!

  10. Why not get a used d600 for about the same price as the d700 with plenty of mega pixels and great in low light?

  11. Respect

  12. Man, your frankness and "telling it how it is" is such a breath of fresh fuckin air.
    Keep it up man….lovin it.

  13. Ken, I Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all the amazing videos you put out for phototarded like myself Although i do shoot with a Canon currently I have always thought of them as my training wheels to understand "Poetry of light" I have always intended to get a Nikon when i felt i was ready to be more than a picture taker. thank you brother for pointing me in the right direction

  14. I own a D700. I love watching your videos.

  15. i would love to get me a full frame camera,so i'll  ask if you could only have one which one would you choose, the D3,D3s D700 D800 etc. currently i shoot a D7100,and no i'm not scared of the 7yr old camera's,

  16. Wow, calm your balls. The D7200 is amazing. 

  17. Thank you for always being REAL with your knowledge and I and many others really appreciate it and what you have to say! Cheers!

  18. Great videos d700 has always my favourite after watching your D7200 video I am going to buy 1x D700 then another later on  Thanks

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