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Timelapse controller for Canon DSLR Camera’s

Timelapse controller  for Canon DSLR Camera's

NOTE: this specific timer by Neewer “Timer remotecontrol RS-60” im using is for Canon Camera’s models:XS XSi T1i T2i T3i XT XTi 500D 550D 600D

Hi there, last week ive gotten this cool remote timelapse controller from my friend Paul Petty whos been doing timelapses on his channel for a while now.
This Digital remoteTimer enables you take pictures with a choosen interval so u can later put en all togeter and make a timelapse video out of it.
i never done this before and thought it was real cool to do so i looked into it.
heres a little review of the Remote timer and my first ever timelapse i did.
more will follow for sure!

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here’s a link to the Timer:


Camera Used Canon 600D/Rebel t3i:


Checkout Pauls Channel for some cool timelapses:

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  1. This was super informative. I watched the time lapse over and over. I love time lapse and thought is was a long process. I love that fact that it was done at the Ocean.

  2. Jerzy - SilverSetFilms

    Walk thru little snappy and honestly… his timelapse sucks.

  3. What is the difference between the "Delay" and "Interval" settings?

  4. Thanks for the video!

  5. Thank you, very informative………

  6. Thank you,
    You have communicated how to use this product more clear and accurate than any other video I have watched.

  7. Moe “Moejoe55” Joe

    Thanks for the video!

  8. Great video…saved me the boring manual read…

  9. I bought a Bower model RCLC3R, but found I couldn't connect it to a Canon T3, so I made a modification to the RCLC3R. It works in all modes except video, so my next project will be to correct it. If interested, see my channel for video.

  10. This controller is branded under a few names. Mine is a Prost. Although there is no On/Off switch, there are several areas inside which will allow you to mount and wire  a mini slider SPDT switch. 

  11. Gracias por el video. Acabo de obtener un Shutterboss y su explicación del intervalómetro ha sido de gran ayuda,thanks a lot!

  12. thank you for this informative video 

  13. helpful! cheers!

  14. HEllo, it will work with canon sx40hs ?

  15. What's the name of the song from the end?

  16. Mine is a "SHOOT" but the identical Chinese make. Thanks for the info – it was very helpful. Now I just need to find the software to compile the stills into a movie.

  17. Thanks, really helped me out.

  18. Thanks for the info.  That was a lot more help than others I've looked at.

  19. thx 2 u alllot

  20. For sunsets what would you suggest the time lapse to be set as? every 20 seconds or 5? or better? thanks in advance.

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