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  1. not even a us plug and i don't live there lol

  2. Hi Matt, thanks for the nice video unboxing.

    Canon market their 3-digit DSLR models as intended for entry level users. In practice these cameras are anything but simple to use and are complicated to learn because of their rich feature set, often taking a year or more to master – even for those who have previous photographic knowledge like myself. It has taken me over a year to begin to get comfortable with shooting with my 700D (not much different from yours) and I'm still learning.

    These models have an extremely comprehensive feature set out of the box. You need to get to grips with basics like aperture, shutter speed, ISO setting, auto focus, shooting modes, white balance, bracketing modes, exposure compensation, menu settings layout and loads more besides. If you need it to be even more feature rich, it's possible to install Magic Lantern firmware on your camera – thus taking it to a whole new level of complication again.

    As you say learning this technology is great fun though and the concepts are not really very difficult to grasp. The real problems start though, when you are out on a real job – say a wedding. Under the pressure of the event and under the scrutiny of others, it's all too easy to forget the theory and just start doing things the simple (but risky) way. Theory and practice are two very different things. This was also the case back in the days of film. You need to be able to think on your feet out there in the real world.

    So don't worry if you're finding the 600D a bit heavy going at the beginning.

  3. Gracelle Mae Tabilog

    I have this one also. I bought it for my birthday. Best DSLR for beginner..

  4. I just got mine and I don't understand a thing!

  5. cool

  6. UNBOXING: Canon 600D (T3i) DSLR Camera

  7. How do you do your starting credits – they are so cool! 

  8. Carolina Gomez Duran

    Donde las venden en México?

  9. That was not a US plug! hahahaha

  10. Klarissa Schreiner

    You sound like stampy long head

  11. I need some help… I can buy this camera with a 18-55mm lens or a 18-55mm IS Lens. What's the difference? 

  12. Its selling for under 400 now on amazon

  13. can you connect an external microphone?

  14. That's not a us or Europe power cable it is an Indian power cable

  15. that is not a us power cable…

  16. I'm getting a christmas job, so wanting to get a camera to expand on my career opportunities.. would you recommend me getting this or saving for the 700d?

  17. That's a euro power cable not a US power cable :)

  18. How much is it

  19. Thats a eu powercabel

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